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I Cracked The Happy Meal Surprise Toy Code For You

I Cracked The Happy Meal Surprise Toy Code For You


As kids, some of us used to beg our parents to buy a Happy Meal for us just to get the toys.

Now that the 90’s kids are adults and financially independent, there’s really nothing stopping us from buying as many Happy Meals as we want.

Why would we want to do that? Simply because McDonald’s are hitting us right in the nostalgia with their 40th Anniversary toys from the 90’s.

They’re bringing back the likes of Ronald McDonald’s best buddies Grimace and Hamburglar, Bugs Bunny from Space Jam and Furby, just to name a few.

The most interesting part is that you don’t know what you’d get!

So, naturally, I’m now going to ruin that for you…

The 90’s toys you can get with a Happy Meal for a few days. Photo: Screenshot from McDonald’s Malaysia FB.

The reason why you see so many cars lining up at your local McDonald’s drive-thru is that they’re either trying their luck for the limited edition Hello Kitty carrier (sold out everywhere at the time of writing), or trying to complete their collection of these nostalgic toys.

I simply couldn’t miss the fun myself and my little misadventure started with dragging my colleagues to lunch in McDonald’s.

I bought two Happy Meals and got two Grimaces on my first try.

I hate you both.
(Photo credit: Azliyana Azlee via TRP)

It was then I realised, the toys weren’t random at all!

Every ‘random toy’ is associated with a number. In this case, Grimace is Toy 6.

I decided to try out this hack at a different McDonald’s. I asked for toys with different numbers, and it worked!

By now I’ve gotten a belly from eating 4 Happy Meals 1 Tamagotchi replica, 2 Grimaces, and 1 Cowboy McNugget, each from different years within the 90’s.  

Cowboy McNugget (top left), one of my Grimaces (top right) and Tamagotchi replica (bottom) from Happy Meals.
(Photo credit: Azliyana Azlee via TRP)

5 hours and close to RM26 worth of Happy Meals later, my sister sent me a cheat code she found online for free.

Here it is for your convenience:

Be quick because these toys will only be available for a limited time!

We at TRP also hope that Malaysians stay civilised even though these toys are highly sought after. Let’s not repeat what happened in Uniqlo earlier this year.

Would you give up your diet for a few days in the name of nostalgia? Let us know via our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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