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The 9 struggles of online shopping in Malaysia

The 9 struggles of online shopping in Malaysia

11.11 is right around the corner and that means online shopping… lots of online shopping.

1. Going over budget in the blink of an eye

Who invented the “recommended for you” tab? Let me tell you ah, these recommended products have cost me an embarrassing amount of money.

Actual picture of me adding things into my shopping cart ALL THE TIME.
(Picture credit: Unsplash)

2. Additional shipping costs

When “free shipping” actually means “free shipping only if you spend RM200 in this one store”.

3. The promo code doesn’t work

It says here that to use the RM5 voucher, I “need to be a new customer” with “minimum RM500 purchase” which is applicable “with purchases from this store only”. Oh also look, it’s expired.

4. When your payment just says “processing”

So did the payment go through or not?? Am I going to get my stuff or will my card still be charged??

5. The waiting

So if I bought the item at 11.30pm does that mean I can get it immediately the next morning or nah??

6. The missed delivery note at your doorstep

Woi jangan main-main!
(Picture credit: TRP)

What do you mean missed delivery? I was home all day waiting for the doorbell to ring!

7. Actually picking up the package at the post office

And the post office is so far and only open when I’m at work. Then the postal office employees have to find my one parcel in a sea of hundreds. Aiks!

8. Excitement extinguished by disappointment

Wait… I ordered this in blue, not red!

9. Acceptance

Considering that most of the items bought were on sale, it’s okay lah. But look, there’s another sale starting again next week…

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