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Study: Men with Erectile Dysfunction 24.8% less productive at work

Study: Men with Erectile Dysfunction 24.8% less productive at work

On top of being burnt out AND Kuala Lumpur having the worst work-life balance;

Studies show that men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have POOR WORK PERFORMANCE.

Talk about a low blow.

Anyways, researchers at the International Journal of Clinical Practice analysed data from 52,000 men from 8 countries and came out with some shockingly SIGNIFICANT difference between a man WITH and WITHOUT ED!

It is reported that men with ED are TWICE more absent at work (7.1%) compared to a man without ED (3.2%).

ED men also have 24.8% overall work productivity impairment, more than double the healthy men with only 11.2%.

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What is ED?

“Erectile Dysfunction” is defined as the CONSISTENT or recurrent inability of a male to attain and/or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual performance.

Malaysia Urological Association via Academy of Medicicine Malaysia

However, the occasional ED is NOT uncommon especially when a man experiences stress.

Besides, not ALL male sexual problems are caused by ED either.

So what are the symptoms of ED?

The symptoms of ED are rather straightforward;

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual activities
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What are the causes of ED?

ED is more of a consequential problem rather than one existing alone.

This is because it can be caused by a multiple of things; including emotional and physiological triggers.

The generic causes of ED are:

-excessive drug OR alcohol use
-stress & anxiety
-obesity or being overweight

However, in addition to the above the following underlying problems can lead to ED too:

-cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and high choloesterol
-injuries (spinal or even penile)

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What can you do to prevent ED?

ED is easily preventable when you have a healthy lifestyle.

Like drinking alcohol in moderation, not doing drugs (too much weed can also cause ED OK guys) and you know; the general rule of eating and living healthily.

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There have also been articles which suggest abstaining from ‘risky sex’.

You know, to prevent yourselves from penile injuries and all…

Regardless, if you do suspect yourselves to have symptoms of ED, visit your nearest GP.

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