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This Johorean uni student won the Rolls-Royce STEM challenge in UK!

This Johorean uni student won the Rolls-Royce STEM challenge in UK!

Another day, another uni student makes us proud!

This time, the honour is given to us by Yew Jun Ying from
the University of Southampton who came out on top Rolls-Royce STEM Awards
Electrical challenge 2019.

Picture Credit: STEM Awards/Twitter

The award – or rather- challenge, is a call to undergraduates
studying in the UK to win over some of the biggest British companies with their
brilliant ideas.

This year’s company to impress is none other than Rolls-Royce, one of the biggest industrial technology companies IN THE WORLD.
(btw guys, Rolls-Royce doesn’t ONLY make luxury cars that we cant even afford in our dreams)


Their challenge: Increase the efficiency and improve the
heat management of electric machines, particularly for aircrafts.

But Jun Ying proved himself to be a real Survivor, the Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, with his clever idea of using organic Rakine cycle technology as an effective cooling method.

Picture Credit: Rolls-Royce

For his ingenuity, Jun Ying has won £25,000 (~ RM 130,000) and an internship with Rolls-Royce itself!


In an interview with The Star, Jun Ying revealed that his passion for sustainable development led him to study mechanical engineering, specialising in sustainable energy systems.

While Jun Ying was quite pleased with the win, he is also pretty humble about it;

“This project has led me to learn a lot about heat recovery technologies and fortunately, I was able to apply what I learned from the university in my first entry of the competition.”
“I would not have come this far if it were not for the support of my peers and supervisors who gave me valuable advice and suggestions along the way.”

Yew Jun Ying via The Star

Congratulations, Jun Ying!


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