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Outraged over dead puppy, M’sians call for solutions and shelters
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Outraged over dead puppy, M’sians call for solutions and shelters


Malaysians are expressing outrage regarding the treatment of dogs in the comments of a Facebook post by the Malaysia Animal Association.

The post includes a picture of a puppy at the end of a dogcatcher’s pole and an unconfirmed allegation that it had been strangled to death in a local council operation to catch strays.

This little one only lived for about 3 months. It didn’t know anything and still didn’t know how cruel the world is. It was strangled cruelly and its life ended with an unwilling death. Where are our values and caring nature? Is there no more humane method and thought by us as guardians and leaders on the face of this earth?

(A rough translation of the post by Malaysia Animal Association)

The emotional post caused a strong response and was shared over a thousand times in just 5 hours, with hundreds of comments.

Many were express sadness or anger at what had occurred, saying they would have intervened if they had been present.
One more prominent post was a warning that those who mistreat animals will somehow receive retribution.
Another user suggested that an allocation be made in the Federal Budget to create an animal sanctuary island and pay for food and care of the animals.
Instead of an island, another user suggested a shelter in every district, questioning why this had not been done previously.

(Feature Pic Credit: Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association Facebook page)

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