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Man Spotted Placing Puppy On Table At Mamak Shop

Man Spotted Placing Puppy On Table At Mamak Shop

A video shows a man placing a dog on the table at an eatery.

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Mamak restaurants in our country is a place where people from all backgrounds go to enjoy a wide variety of Malaysian dishes.

It is among the places where it showcases the uniqueness and the unity of a multiracial country through food.

However, recently a post by a Twitter user known as @khairulazizi75 shows a man placing a puppy on the table at a mamak shop allegedly in Melaka.

The video was shot by a woman who claimed the puppy was first placed on a chair before it was placed on the table. She called the man to be selfish as he did not respect and think about the comfort of the other customers who were there.

Moreover, the reason behind the backlash could be because of the fact that for Muslims, they would have to perform a cleansing process known as samak or sertu if they knowingly come into contact with dogs.

The woman also lamented in the video that she wasn’t aware if the dog was dry or wet.

Netizens who came across the video shared their opinions.

Some said that the man should be reprimanded kindly and made to realise his mistake.

However, there were some netizens who had a totally different opinion on the issue.

The woman in the video, who posts under the username @anniearifinn on Tik Tok came forth and replied to the comments her original video garnered.

In it, she mentioned that the video was taken before the workers from the shop went over to reprimand the man.

The man left the premises once he was reprimanded by the workers.

As for the netizens who pointed out about cats, she mentioned that she has nothing against dogs and that at times, she also feeds stray dogs.

However the issue here as what was stated above, if the Muslim people came in contact with dog unknowingly or sat in the same table without knowing there was a dog present they have to do samak.

There are many restaurants out there which allow people to bring their pets along, however, in certain places it is very important to respect each other’s beliefs and to consider the comfort of other customers.

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