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“Anneh, Roti Kucing Satu” Man Pokes Fun At “Australian” Troll For Saying Malaysians Eat Cats & Dogs

“Anneh, Roti Kucing Satu” Man Pokes Fun At “Australian” Troll For Saying Malaysians Eat Cats & Dogs

The online troll claimed that Malaysians eat cats and dogs while Australians had good food and “drink bear.” You read that right.

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Trolls are aplenty online and they’re usually ignored but a TikTok user recently had a funny response to a troll’s ridiculous assumptions about Malaysians.

A troll with the username Australia Number 1 claimed that all Malaysians eat cats and dogs. The person added that Australia at least had “real food” like steaks, meat pies and beer (likely misspelt as “bear”).

TikTok user Sami (@samii63_), who received the ridiculous comment, decided to play along and admitted that the other person caught us Malaysians.

@samii63_ Replying to @Australia Number 1 sorry if this offends anyone, but im sick of such troll comments, so i thought id make a funny video #samii63 #malaysia #fyp #worldwide ♬ original sound – 868er

Sami proceeded to show our local dishes featuring cat and dog meats such as nasi anjing (dog rice), roti kucing (cat bread/cat loaf), and teh o katak (frog tea). FYI, that’s the route we recently took to control the stray animal population.

Of course, it was all a joke. Sami showed the delicious food and different cuisines we eat in Malaysia that have no dog or cat meats at the end of the clip.

Netizens were amused and believed they knew how the alleged proud Australian would think of Malaysians that way.

A user jokingly pointed out that the person might have mistaken the fruit mata kucing to mean real cat’s eyes and a corndog to indicate dog meat.

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