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Do What You Want As Long As You Are Successful Is Instilling Wrong Mindset, Says Doctor

Do What You Want As Long As You Are Successful Is Instilling Wrong Mindset, Says Doctor

Parents must have a discussion with their children about careers.

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Picking a career is not an easy decision for an individual especially for young children who are still in school because they still lack exposure to career fields in the market.

However, according to Dr Malar Santhi Santherasegapan, a medical doctor and a social media influencer, there is a current trend among parents where they give freedom to their children to decide their career or direction when they grow up.

Many may wonder what is the problem with it.

According to her, the problem lies when the intention behind it is “as long their children are successful”, they are allowed to become whoever and whatever they want to be.

Be anything as long as you succeed. It is a freedom so to speak.

Dr. Malar

She said this during a sharing in a podcast known as “Borak Kerjaya”. A short clip of the podcast was shared on a TikTok account known as @yegaacedmy and it spread like wildfire.

Dr Malar, however, does not agree with the views and upbringing of such parents because children are said to feel at a loss as to what career to pursue when they grow up.

According to her, most of the students she met during school programs only said they wanted to become successful without being able to tell her more.

What are your ambitions? ‘My mother said if I succeed it’s okay’. What is being successful? I do not understand

Dr Malar

Parents have a responsibility to instill proper education and information about choosing a career path to their children.

She also insisted that parents in particular need to have a detailed discussion with their children about careers or work but not to the point of forcing them to choose a field.

They should support them in their talents and foster their talents and their interest if there are any.

“If the child wants to become an interior designer or an architect, support the child. If the child has talent and qualifications in the appropriate field, support the child,” she said.

In the meantime, she also advised parents to give their children a target to pursue so that they know what kind of career to focus on.

Many people who saw the video tend to agree with the views of Dr Malar. One netizen gave his opinion on the matter saying that he was not aware of the career choices.

“As an adult who grew up in such a family, I feel sad and upset because I’m not really aware of career (options),” said the netizen.

There was even a girl who said that most students nowadays do not know their true interests and only continue their studies because of the influence of their peers.

Meanwhile, many also said that the students were at a loss about their respective directions because of the major examination system in schools that had been abolished.

From the video above it seems like these days success is measured by how much money one has acquired in their life, but success is not money alone, it is much more deeper than that.

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