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“Collectiong” Signage Is Not In Terengganu, Mixue Did Not Openg Outlet There

“Collectiong” Signage Is Not In Terengganu, Mixue Did Not Openg Outlet There

Due to the accent that is used in Terengganu, it was allegedly believed that Mixue has open a store there.

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Recently, a TikTok video of a Mixue store went viral due to a misspelled sign that read “Collectiong”.

The video was shared by @alsobubbletea.

Many who saw the video were left wondering why the word collection was spelt with an extra letter at the end.

@alsobubbletea Collectຕິອົ່ງ😂😂#mixue ♬ original sound – rannunn 🦖💚

Twitter user, Azil Adzif took the video to the platform and jokingly captioned it as: “Mixue has opened a new outlet in Terengganu.”

Folks found it funny but some perhaps thought this was for real.

If you’re familiar with the Terengganu accent, you’ll understand why.

For those scratching your heads, it’s because the Terengganu accent sees an extra letter G added to the end of certain words. For instance, ikan (fish), when spoken in the Terengganu accent, sounds like “ikang”.

The G is normally added to words that end with the letter N. So since collection ends with an N, when spoken in the accent, it might sound like “collectiong”.

So did Mixue have a bit of fun with their signage in Terengganu?

The short answer is NO. Mixue does not currently operate an outlet in Terengganu.

Also, if you look closely at the video, the prices of the items are listed in KIP, and not RM.

This means the outlet with the “collectiong” sign is possibly somewhere in Laos. We have not been able to verify the exact outlet though.

We did try to contact Mixue Laos through Facebook and asked why their sign said “collectiong”.

We have yet to receive a reply.


Pic Credit : Mixue Official Website

Mixue is a Chinese sweet business founded in 1997 specializing in trendy ice cream and tea drinks for young people.

With over 25,000 global stores, Mixue operates in 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and overseas markets.

Mixue has a significant presence in Peninsular Malaysia but have yet to venture to the east coast states of Terengganu and Kelantan.

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