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Are You As Smart As The Kids Today? Workbook Questions Had Adults And Kids Scratching Their Heads

Are You As Smart As The Kids Today? Workbook Questions Had Adults And Kids Scratching Their Heads

The questions in the kid’s workbook left many adults dumbfounded after checking the answers.

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A workbook exercise for young children has puzzled many adults online. Clinical psychologist Prof Dr Siti Raudzah Ghazali (@sitiraudzah) shared on Twitter a picture of the workbook page with the instruction to count the number of animal legs in the pictures. No, it’s not a Singapore Maths-type of question.

The instruction seemed straightforward enough until it came to the marking. The images showed three chickens, two cows, a fish, and four cats.

Based on the instructions, the answers should be 6 legs for three chickens, 8 legs for two cows, no legs for the fish, and 16 legs for the cats. The child wrote the answers correctly.

However, whoever checked the work marked everything wrong with the “correct” answers scribbled next to it.

After much puzzling, netizens realized whoever marked the page misunderstood the question. Netizens realized the adult who marked the page misread the question and thought it was to count the number of animals in each grid.

Next, Siti uploaded a picture showing another question that dumbfounded netizens as well. In the second question, the children had to guess which character is Liza based on her food preferences.

The question stated that Liza loved eating meat and not vegetables. Based on this information, the answers were a skinny and old lady, a young and “sparkly” woman, a chubby woman, and a sickly-looking woman.

The correct answer was an illustration of a chubby woman. Netizens weren’t pleased with the question and answer because it implied eating meat makes one fat.

In addition, it’s hard to say what children were supposed to learn from answering such a question other than learning to judge people by their weight and size.

Despite the ridiculous question, a netizen found the humour in it and said the correct answer is Liza might be suffering from constipation.

Netizens added that people could still gain weight even if they eat vegetables with rice.

It’s not stated which workbook these questions came from. Hopefully, the relevant authorities could review workbooks like these to ensure the quality of education in the nation.

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