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Claudia Tan Reflects On Times Square Billboard Appearance And Artistic Journey [Exclusive] 

Claudia Tan Reflects On Times Square Billboard Appearance And Artistic Journey [Exclusive] 

The local pop princess speaks with TRP about appearing on the Billboard in Times Square and her artistic success thus far.

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A lot has happened for Claudia Tan since the pandemic in 2020. After her 70s-inspired song, Bodies went viral on TikTok, Tan’s career as an artist has grown tremendously. 

From having performed at festivals to her book being turned into a Hollywood movie, the Kuching native’s success thus far has been nothing short of impressive. Her recent appearance on a Billboard in Times Square, New York, is especially so. 

Tan’s picture was plastered on the Billboard upon being crowned as Spotify’s ambassador for the EQUAL Global Music Program back in July. But interestingly, Tan manifested the dream on Instagram a year ago before it happened. 

Claudia Tan

“It definitely feels amazing because it was on my vision board for this year. So, I am happy that I got to achieve it, especially since I manifested it when I was in New York last year,” said the songstress during an interview with TRP via Zoom. 

“I just wanted to take a photo in front of that billboard just in case it happened. So I am happy that it happened,” she added. 

And since it was realised, Tan’s career has never been the same. She is very aware of this as it has brought more eyes and ears to her music. 

Claudia Tan

It is such a great feeling to have people in general to consume your art. So, I am really shocked that so many people have.

Claudia Tan

Not settling 4 less 

Yet, it has not changed how she approaches her music. Even after gaining an increase in following, Tan still very much commits herself to putting out the best music she can. Music that listeners can resonate with and vibe to. 

And it is transparent in one of her recent songs, Settle 4 Less. The tune, which was written by her and her partner, sings of the importance of not lowering one’s standard, especially in romantic relationships. 

Claudia Tan

With Settle 4 Less, the general idea behind the song is to never feel like you should be lowering your standard for anyone. So I remember being single and constantly having my friends tell me I have unrealistic standards when it comes to love. And I just kind of never listened because I just did not want to stoop low just to have anyone. So I held up for a long time and managed to meet a great boyfriend who ticks all the boxes and more for me.

Claudia Tan

This inspiring message is what Tan hopes to convey to her listeners. She believes that her fans, especially her female ones can use the reassurance that their needs are crucial too when it comes to love and relationships. 

Claudia Tan

In fact, she finds it the most fulfilling when fans come up to her and express how much the lyrics mean to them.

“I have received a lot of comments saying things like ‘This is exactly what I need to hear’. So, it is really nice to hear those kinds of comments.” 

More to come 

These interactions and the continuous ability to perform live are among the highlights Tan holds dearly in her heart. But since Tan, as established, has ticked many of her boxes on her bucket list, it is natural to ponder where she plans to head next. 

Will she continue to make more music, will she write more books or will she even venture into something new? Well, for the coming months, she hopes to focus on the idea of releasing a music extended play (EP). 

Claudia Tan

“I think I will put out an EP this year or maybe next year. So, all the music that you will be hearing these next few months will be part of the EP. 

“I think the EP is definitely going to explore ideas like love and bring my experience with writing romance stories and this unrealistic idea of love I used to have as well. So hopefully something like that will come through in the songs that I will write.”

Words of wisdom 

From our conversation, it is clear that Tan has come a long way since her early days on TikTok. As such, it felt only compulsory to end the interview session with advice for aspiring local musicians who are looking to achieve her level of success. 

Considering that the industry can be very competitive, Tan’s advice can truly make a difference for upcoming artists. She noted that though big music labels can do wonders, she advises independent musicians to not be discouraged. 

Claudia Tan

“I think because I am an independent artist, I am not really attached to any label. So I think I would like to convey that you do not need a label to be successful. I think we as artists, especially in this day and age, have a lot more control than ever.” 

“It is so much easier to retain that creative control and do it yourself. And you can still have as much success as those big artists out there. So, trust yourself, work hard and success will follow,” she concluded. 

Interested to know more about her music? Check her out on YouTube and TikTok to learn more about her artistry.

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