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Indonesian Bride “Had To Marry” FIL After Groom Ran Off

Indonesian Bride “Had To Marry” FIL After Groom Ran Off

The groom disappeared before the wedding which prompted the father-in-law to assume responsibility and marry the woman he left behind.

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A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of a bride’s life, isn’t it?

But this bride’s wedding in Indonesia took a gloomy turn when her groom ran away from her. Not only that, she had to marry someone else on the spot that day, just so the expensive wedding could continue. Can you imagine that?

The one that got away

The bride with the initials SA, who hails from the village of Jikotamo, Obi District, South Halmahera, Indonesia, had to marry her father-in-law after her beloved fiance ran away on her wedding day.

As reported by Gempak, the groom, named Isra, ran away on Tuesday (29 August) and at the time, both SA’s and Isra’s families had prepared everything for their wedding. Because of his absence, Isra’s father took his place and married SA.

The video of the solemnization went viral on Indonesians’ social media. In the video, a man wearing a batik shirt and a songkok (headgear) can be seen sitting across from the man in the blue shirt, who is claimed to the the father of the groom.

The video continues with the solemnization process between the groom’s father and the woman who was supposed to be his daughter-in-law.

(Credit: in_formania / Instagram)

Sad, not to mention awkward fate

Citing TribunNews, SA’s brother, Wisto Ahmad said that their family arrived at the wedding venue as soon as they received the news.

“The guests had already arrived to attend the wedding. The man’s family then informed us that their son was missing and couldn’t be found,” he said on Thursday (31 August).

He also added that his younger sister had been in a fairly long relationship with her fiance. In fact, Isra had even been caught sneaking into SA’s room previously.

The wedding preparations cost SA’s family around Rp 25 million (approximately RM7,600) in losses.

He felt deeply embarrassed by this incident and admitted that they hadn’t taken any legal steps yet.

Well, this sad fate is certainly a bizarre one. What do you think of this situation? Should they have cancelled the wedding? Or was the father-in-law right to take responsibility for his son’s reckless disappearance?

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