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We Rate 8 Merdeka Songs Based On Its Unity Vibes, Danceability & Chorus Yell-ability

We Rate 8 Merdeka Songs Based On Its Unity Vibes, Danceability & Chorus Yell-ability

Malaysia has had several Merdeka Day songs and anthems over the years, and it’s interesting to see how they have evolved.

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It’s the time of the year again to celebrate Merdeka Day on 31 August! Over the years, Malaysians have heard and sung many Merdeka Day songs and some are better than the rest.

This year, TRP puts some of the popular Merdeka Day songs to the test based on three criteria: the level of Multiracial/Unity vibes in the song, how danceable the song is, and how catchy the chorus is.

1. Keranamu Malaysia

Keranamu Malaysia was the official Merdeka Day song from the year 2000 to 2006. The song, arranged by music producer Pak Ngah with lyrics by local singer Siso Kopratasa, touched upon the growth and pride of the nation.

Although this song was written in the year 2000, it was already giving the Wawasan 2020 and flying cars in the future vibes. We had big dreams!

Most of us in school would remember shouting the lyrics, especially the chorus. It served as a uniting chant as we waved our tiny plastic Malaysian flags (that sometimes come with candy in the cane holder).

Recently, the song was featured in a video showing Penguins of Madagascar dancing to the song.

To be honest, we wouldn’t mind if the dance is made the official choreography for Keranamu Malaysia. #KeranamuMalaysiaDance

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 10/10

Danceability: 9/10

Chorus yell-ability: 9/10

2. Here In My Home

Written by filmmaker and singer-songwriter Pete Teo, Here In My Home is not officially a Merdeka song. However, the song’s meaning and the inclusion of multi-language lyrics earned the song the right to be considered a Merdeka song.

Teo wrote and produced the song in 2008 and the project attracted pro bono participation from over 50 Malaysian artists, media personalities and arts activists.

Collectively, the group comprising public figures such as Jaclyn Victor, Reshmonu, Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar, Ning Baizura, Yasmin Ahmad, and Jason Lo is known as Malaysian Artistes For Unity (MAFU).

The song called for national unity and anti-racism. The music video directed by Yasmin Ahmad premiered at the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2008 (AIM) to a nationwide television audience and became one of the top three viral videos.

While it’s not as danceable as Keranamu Malaysia, the anti-racism theme of the song is as relevant as ever.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 10/10

Danceability: 5/10

Chorus yell-ability: 9/10

3. Jalur Gemilang

Jalur Gemilang is another energetic bopper by Pak Ngah and Siso Kopratasa. It was the official anthem for the 46th Merdeka Day celebration in 2003.

The song is largely focused on Malaysia’s national flag, the Jalur Gemilang, and what it stands for.

It also lightly touches upon Malaysia’s great achievements at home and abroad. The song generally calls for Malaysians to be united under one flag.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 8/10

Danceability: 7/10 (if you wave the flag energetically enough)

Chorus yell-ability: 9/10

4. Tanggal 31

Tanggal 31 was originally written and sung by singer Ahmad Chass Barra or more popularly known as Ahmad CB. Although he was born in Indonesia, he moved to Malaya in 1945.

The song was further popularised by the late singer Sudirman Haji Arshad. Tanggal 31 makes a reference to the date, 31 August 1957, the day the country achieved independence, and what a joyful day it was.

It also called on Malaysians to celebrate Merdeka Day on 31 August each year. The song’s repetitive and catchy lines easily propel the song as one of the top favourite songs for Merdeka Day.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 8/10

Danceability: 8/10 (Wave the Jalur Gemilang vigorously!)

Chorus yell-ability: 9/10

5. Saya Anak Malaysia

Saya Anak Malaysia is an evergreen Merdeka song due to its fresh upbeat tune and meaning. The song was sung by Dr Sam and the music group Musafir in 1986 and it’s still a popular Merdeka song today.

The song includes our neighbours in Sabah and Sarawak and highlights the fact that there’s no place like home other than Malaysia.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 10/10

Danceability: 9/10

Chorus yell-ability: 10/10

6. Sejahtera Malaysia

Sejahtera Malaysia was originally sung by Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Azlina Aziz, Rohana Jalil, Elaine Kang and Desree in the 1980s. Despite being an old song, it still remains a popular tune to this day.

The song touches upon the gratefulness that Malaysians of all races, religions, and cultures can live together harmoniously in a peaceful nation.

While not a dance bopper, the song’s meaning and its calm tune make the song a good addition to the lineup of Merdeka Day songs.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 10/10

Danceability: 3/10

Chorus yell-ability: 8/10

7. Satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia or 1 Malaysia was a beautiful song created by the students of LimKokWing University of Creative Technology in conjunction with the 48th Merdeka Day.

The song, led by lead singers Ernie and Ronnie, captured the essence of one Malaysia, one thought, one voice, one heart, and one spirit (seia, sekata, sehati, dan sejiwa).

The song has some high notes but it hasn’t stopped people from shouting the song at the top of their lungs.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 10/10

Danceability: 6/10 (well, you can sway to it)

Chorus yell-ability: 10/10

8. Janji Ditepati

Janji Ditepati was the 55th Merdeka Day anthem. The song written by Tan Sri Rais Yatim, the former Dewan Negara president, was poorly received when it was released in 2012.

If there are any merits to be given, the song tried to infuse a rock element to it with the guitar riffs.

However, the song’s focus on the promise of 1 Malaysia and its aid schemes failed to garner interest, unlike the other Merdeka Day songs.

Multiracial/Unity vibes: 0/10

Danceability: 5/10

Chorus yell-ability: 5/10

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