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[Watch] Family Accidentally Leaves Boy Bound For Kuantan Uni At R&R Area

[Watch] Family Accidentally Leaves Boy Bound For Kuantan Uni At R&R Area

The family and the boy were travelling to Kuantan to get him registered at a university there but accidentally left him behind at a rest stop.

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Families are usually excited and nervous when their child is finally going to university for the first time. Some parents might cry or are reluctant to see their child leave home and stay apart from their family for an extended time.

However, this boy’s family was accidentally more than ready to say “goodbye” to their youngest in the family while sending him off to university.

The boy’s brother told the hilarious story on his TikTok account @keyrolahcong.

The boy and his family were travelling to Pahang so he could register at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Gambang, Kuantan.

They stopped at an R&R (rest and recreational) area to take a break before continuing their long journey.


nk pergi hantar adik, adik plk tertinggal kt rnr 😂😂😂

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

After a few minutes into their journey, their mum realized they left the poor boy behind at the R&R when he called to ask where they were. The family did not realize he went for a toilet break.

They managed to work out a way to get him back to them. The boy’s brother asked him to ask whether anyone at the R&R could send him to the family.

Fortunately, a guy who stopped at the R&R with the family previously was still there and managed to return the boy to his family safe and sound 20 minutes later.

The family couldn’t hold their laughter when they were all finally reunited by the roadside.

Lesson. Please double check before moving (the car) if not this happens to you too.

Tiktok user @keyrolahcong

Netizens jokingly said the boy is now popular way before he entered university and couldn’t believe the family left the most important passenger behind.

The guy who helped the family reunite also found the situation hilarious and praised the boy for being brave to ask for help.

In response, @keyrolahcong thanked the guy again for helping his brother.

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