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This Woman Had A Beehive On Her Balcony & This Is How She Dealt With It

This Woman Had A Beehive On Her Balcony & This Is How She Dealt With It

Carol Yong reached out to the Malaysian Bee Savior and used their advise to hang a petrol-soaked cloth nearby to chase the bees away safely.

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Have you ever encountered a beehive hanging from a tree branch? That seems normal, doesn’t it? As long as they don’t bother you, you don’t bother them, right?

But what if the little pollinators decided to make a home inside your home? Specifically, in between your roofs, on your window, on hanging potted plants, and even your kitchen cabinets?

Well, this Malaysian photographer had the shock of her life when she noticed a whole beehive on her balcony, hanging on her clothing rack.

Carol Yong (@carolyong) shared her story on Twitter recently and recounted the things that she did to remove the bees as safely as she could.

Last Monday (3 July), Carol noticed a big nest with swarming honey bees on her clothes drying rack. Being a photographer, she managed to capture a few good shots of the bees and their hives while figuring out a way to remove them.

Luckily, she decided to not call the Fire Department for help as she didn’t wanna make a scene and she had a feeling that they would only try to burn the bees.

She realized the bees were just looking for a temporary home and tried to find the safest way to remove them without harming them.

(Credit: @carolyong / Twitter)

She reached out to an organisation called the MY Bee Savior (@penyelamatlebah) and reported the worrying incident. They advised her to soak a cloth in kerosene/petrol/diesel and place it around/near the hive to chase them out.

Following the instructions carefully, Carol bought one litre of RON95 petrol and soaked a piece of cloth to hang on the clothing rack, near the hive.

Thankfully for her, the trick worked like a charm. After a few moments, all the bees quickly buzzed away from the fumes of the petrol. Although she sadly noticed about 30 little casualties on the floor of her balcony, she was glad that most of them got away.

Now she’s left with a beautiful new honeycomb structure without the honey. She thanked @penyelamatlebah for the help and shared her story with others in hopes of spreading awareness.

Netizens find this tip useful

Most netizens who commented on her Tweet find her sharing helpful and educational. Some people responded with some tips and their experiences with beehives too.

One person suggested using a citronella candle or mothballs.

Another user shared her experience in calling the Fire department and said that they burnt the bees away.

Bee trouble? Call the Bee Saviors!

If you need help with sudden beehives in your house, you can contact the MY Bee Savior (Penyelamat Lebah Malaysia) at this number 019-664 8081.

If you’re confused about what kind of nest you’ve come across in your home, you can also ask them to identify the nests. It could be a Potter Wasp’s nest, a Small paper Wasp’s nest, Hornet’s nest and well, many more possibilities.

To know more about the organization, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Bee safe everyone, and remember, bees are our friends and their population is also declining. So if you have to make that decision, save them instead of destroying them.

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