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TRP Team Had A “Mission” To Steal An Item In A Haunted Hotel In Hauntu [Review]

TRP Team Had A “Mission” To Steal An Item In A Haunted Hotel In Hauntu [Review]

Imagine carrying out the mission in the dark and at the same time running away from ghosts!

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Have you ever watched a ghost story and started complaining when the actors didn’t do what they were supposed to do?

For example, why did they leave the house in darkness or remained calm while praying when they encounter a scary situation?

If you think you can do better than them, here’s your chance to put yourself in their shoes.

It Feels Like You’re In A Horror Film In Hauntu

The time has come to prove to your family and friends whether you’re a scaredy cat or a brave soul by taking part in a game in Hauntu.

Hauntu combines theatre performances and a haunted house concept to bring players a new interactive game experience.

Image: Nur Hazwani & Farahin Fadzil/TRP

Hauntu is not like the usual haunted houses we’re familiar with because participants are given characters to play in the story and are required to interact with the actors in Hauntu.

Each decision made in the game will influence the outcome of the story’s ending.

You’ll really feel like you’re acting in a horror movie so be prepared to be “in character!”

TRP Team Tried A Game In Hauntu

Recently, TRP Team was given the opportunity to experience the game in Hauntu. To participate in the game, you’ll need two to 10 players.

Image: Ken Joe Tai/TRP

There are three stories to choose from in Hauntu, namely:

  • The Thief
  • The Tourist
  • The Investigator

TRP Team was given the opportunity to try out The Thief story where everyone in the group plays a member of the Harimao Gang and is tasked to steal a gold bar in one of the “haunted” rooms.

Image: Farahin Fadzil/TRP

Before the game begins, a staff explained some rules such as:

  • No insults or hitting the actors
  • Follow the instructions from the actors
  • Do not move around the furniture on the set at will

After the briefing, we were served drinks in a restaurant while waiting for a performance from Saloma.

Suddenly, something happened and this prompted us to enter a room. This was when our mission to steal the gold bar started.

Image: Nur Hazwani & Farahin Fadzil/TRP
Image: Farahin Fadzil/TRP

In the mission, we were led by a character named Megat who provided instructions. The mission was challenging because we had to look for items in the dark while feeling scared.

From that moment, a horror episode full of surprises began. We had to crawl, hide, and run away from a scary entity.

Just imagine, we had to quickly find an exit in the dark. If not, a possessed individual would attack us!  

The funniest thing happened when we tried to open all the doors to find a way out and escape from the ghost, but we accidentally exited Hauntu because we opened an emergency door. We were shocked when we saw the road outside. The ‘ghost’ had to call us back in.

TRP Team
Image: Farahin Fadzil/TRP

Our Verdict About Hauntu

While the game is estimated to take 45 to 60 minutes, we felt that time flew by quickly. Before you know it, the game is over!

We managed to find the gold bar in one of the rooms but we were hesitant to pick it up. Megat suddenly brought us back to where we started and that was when we realised the game was over. We had so much fun in there that even an hour felt like a short time.

TRP Team
Image: Megat Hairy Ezreen/TRP

We found that the game is not so much a test of the mind, but more of wanting to find a way out of a scary situation in order to complete the mission. Teamwork was required to complete certain tasks.

Overall, we found the game in Hauntu to be “so-so” due to the lack of jump scares. The feeling of fear came from the eerie sounds. Maybe we had to pick a scarier story to play next time.

Image: Nur Hazwani & Ken Joe Tai/TRP

The acting by actors at Hauntu was impressively done. You’ll feel like you’re truly in a haunted house and not just a game.

If you want to give the games in Hauntu a try, you can find them in The LINC KL.

For more information, you can visit Hauntu’s website here.

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