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[Watch] Dressed As Delivery Man, Son Returns From NZ To Surprise Parents This Ramadan

[Watch] Dressed As Delivery Man, Son Returns From NZ To Surprise Parents This Ramadan

This masterplan surprise brought everyone in the family to tears.

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If you’re having a bad day, here’s a wholesome video you should watch.

Recently, a video of a man returning home from New Zealand to surprise his parents went viral on TikTok after his sister (@kinnnn_) uploaded it on social media.

The video garnered 1.9M views and 219.2 likes on TikTok at the time of writing.

Carefully planned by his sisters, the man, known as “adik” looked like he disguised himself as a delivery man, wearing a face mask and a full-face helmet, carrying a box of Secret Recipe cake.

It appeared as though the “delivery man” was delivering a cake to the family, in conjunction with Ramadan, ordered by Adik who is in New Zealand.

The “delivery man” was invited into the house, where he handed the cake and asked to record the family’s thank you wish, to be sent to Adik.

The mother started to cry as she started her thank you speech as she couldn’t contain her sadness over missing Adik in New Zealand.

The “delivery man” then proceeded to take a selfie shot with the entire family. Up to this point, his parents had not yet realise who he was.

One of the sisters, who was in on the plan, asked the “delivery man” to take off his helmet for a better photo.

At this point, his parents received the surprise of their lives and burst into screams and tears as soon as the “delivery man” took off his helmet and face mask, and cried out, “Mak!”

The most heartwarming part of the video is when the father, who seemed calm and composed at the beginning of the video, broke into tears while hugging Adik.

His sister said in the comment section that their father isn’t someone who cries easily, and this all made the situation even more meaningful.

Adik tightly hugged both of his parents and it was a reunion to be remembered. His mother couldn’t contain her happiness that she even slapped his back playfully, frustrated about him pulling off a prank like that.

@kinnnn_ Adik dari New Zealand balik senyap2 nak surprise ma abah sempena puasa. Alhamdulillah raya ni complete dah keluarga AA & Ba. #fyp #ramadhan2023 #fypシ ♬ Rahmatun Lil’Alameen – Maher Zain

They got the whole netizens crying

Netizens on TikTok expressed how they felt in the comment section of the video.

Some cried along with them, some missed their own parents, and some just couldn’t contain their happiness and wished the family well.

Thankfully this year’s Ramadan & Eid, this family is once again whole.

Obviously, this touching video got us all teary-eyed too. It just goes to show how strong a family bond can be and we shouldn’t take family for granted.

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