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Heineken Takes Over KLoé Hotel For Poppin’ Weekend Parties (And It’s Free!)

Heineken Takes Over KLoé Hotel For Poppin’ Weekend Parties (And It’s Free!)

The event will run for two weekends from 23-24 July and 30-31 July.

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Heineken has taken over boutique Hotel KLoé for a smashing weekend party that is packed with lots of live music, secret rooms, art, dancing, and (of course) beer.

The hotel takeover is pretty incredible, as the entire hotel has been transformed into your playground, fitted with Heineken decor, activities, photobooths, backdrops and whole themed rooms too!

Super Impressive Decor

Every part of the hotel has been decked out fully in bright decor and flashy neon lights. It makes for an impressive sight as well as great spots for photo opportunities.

Left: stairs heading up to the Monroe restaurant, middle: a neon backdrop for your aesthetic picture needs, right: a huge neon Heineken logo across the face of the hotel.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

The hotel lobby has been converted to a Social Lounge, complete with a live DJ and cozy chairs. Here, there is a cafe where you can order Heineken bottles or try the Heineken 0.0 for the same great taste without compromising your tolerance (save it for later in the night!).

Left: people milling around in the social lounge while a DJ plays music, right: even the outdoor patio has been decked out with cool neon lights.
(Credit: Heineken/TRP)

Non-stop Fun

It’s also more than just looking impressive. There are a bunch of activities going on throughout the hotel at all times, including free-to-join dance classes or yoga sessions.

Cool down with a hot round of yoga, then with a cold one after.
(Credit: Heineken)

If you’re looking to browse around instead, head up to the 7th floor and explore their secret rooms. These are basically themed rooms that introduce an aspect of the beer, such as its main ingredients and the brewing process. These rooms also have fun activities you can take part in, such as trying your hand at tufting!

Left: a themed room, right: a visitor tries out tufting.
(Credit: Heineken/TRP)
Once you complete all the secret rooms, head into the last room to try your hand at drawing draft beer!
(Credit: Heineken)

Starting to feel peckish? Head over to Monroe restaurant right by the pool, and dig in to their menu specially curated for the event. I highly recommend their beef burger, which is simple yet perfectly done, and goes great with a cold one.

Left: the curated menu features classic bar food. Right: simply a really good burger.
(Credit: Heineken/TRP)

Unbeatable Music

If you’re keen to just chill out and enjoy the music, head out to the pool where music is playing all day. Catch our local musicians performing a wide range of your favourite songs, from covers to pop rock and more. You might even spot more than a few of your favourite Malaysian bands or discover great new ones too!

The live bands perform IN THE POOL.
(Credit: Heineken)

However, keep yourself rested for the evening: once the sun sets, the party begins in the Basement, which is the hotel’s carpark that has impressively transformed into what is essentially an underground nightclub.

It has been outfitted with LED lights and a frankly impressive air-conditioning system that kept the place cool. I danced from 8pm-1am and didn’t feel stuffy at all! (Again, this is a carpark basement!)

You will almost forget that the entire space is actually a carpark.
(Credit: Heineken)

KLoé Hotel Extends Its Hospitality

Naturally, in conjunction with the Heineken hotel takeover, KLoé Hotel also offers uniquely branded hotel rooms with complimentary swag merchandise.

If you’re planning to make full use of your weekend, I would definitely recommend booking a room to maximize your staycation.

Even the hotel rooms are decked out with Heineken merchandise (which you can bring home!).
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Some of the activities can get quite intense, such as the dance and exercise classes, so you would want a place to freshen up nicely. Additionally, the party in the Basement goes on until 2am, and you wouldn’t want to be carrying your belongings the whole time.

In all honesty, the rooms at KLoé Hotel are extremely comfortable and you are bound to get a good night’s rest. It certainly helps that the shower comes equipped with both a regular handheld shower head and a rain shower head from the ceiling, which you can turn on at the same time for literally the best shower experience you may ever experience.

Free To Play

This Heineken Hotel Takeover will run for two weekends, from 23-24 July and 30-31 July, so you can still grab your friends to take part in the second week’s parties.

The weekend is bound to be a good one, but here’s even better news: the entire event is completely free and open to the public. Yup, everything from the live music to the dance classes to the secret rooms to the basement party is completely free.

A group of friends enjoying their beers.
(Credit: Heineken)

The only things the general public will need to pay for is the Heineken beer or food at Monroe, but the rest of the event is free even for curious passersby who just want to check it out. (Ps. You can get free beer if you register online.)

Naturally, the event is only open for non-Muslims aged 21 and up, and you should always drink responsibly.

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