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Kind-Hearted Malaysians Flock To Blind Couple’s Shopee Store

Kind-Hearted Malaysians Flock To Blind Couple’s Shopee Store

Yusri and Jia Hui recently lost their jobs working at a restaurant.

Akmal Hakim

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They say that, the greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it.

After months of unemployment following the closure of the restaurant that they had worked at, local husband and wife Yusri Azis and Nur Jannah Tan Jia Hui, both graduates from University Malaya (UM), had decided to start up their own online business on Shopee as a means to make ends meet.

Later, with help from one of their old UM buddies, the couple managed to set up their very own Shopee store under the name ‘Yus Bisnes’ which went online as recently as June 2021 – selling an assortment of food items and fitness products.

Now all of this might seem very ordinary until we come to realise that both Yusri and Jia Hui are visually impaired.

As the couple endeavoured to promote their business among the Shopee community, a man who calls himself Bro Nutella on Twitter took notice of the couple’s unique tale and called upon his fellow netizens to show support for the striving entrepreneurs.

With just one quick shout-out from Bro Nutella, Malaysians from all corners of the country rallied together in solidarity with Yus Bisnes and managed to buy up the couple’s products.

Notably, in less than 24 hours, the couple’s humble Shopee store managed to sell close to RM600 worth of products.

Netizens were also excited to share their product reviews from Yus Bisnes and recommended their ‘Sambal Hitam Pahang’ as a must-try for everyone.

(Credit: Yus Bisnes/Shopee)

Malaysians were so excited over the delectable sambal that Yus Bisnes successfully sold 1,000 packets of the stuff, and some customers had even come out to reveal that the item had been sold out.

(Credit: Shopee Malaysia/Facebook)

With their business slowly taking off, Yusri personally went on Facebook to thank their customers for their support.

Grateful for the love they had received, Yusri also came back to provide some clarity to their curious customers on how people who are visually impaired like himself use technology in order to navigate the world, with an informative video tutorial on how the blind can run a business on Shopee.

In the clip, Yusri provides a detailed explanation on how he uses an Android phone supported by an application called TalkBack in order to accomplish his tasks.

Yusri and his wife’s amazing story even caught the attention of Shopee’s Head of Seller Management, Zed Li, who said that the company was thrilled that its community of sellers were joining hand to help each other’s business.

We created the Shopee Uni Facebook Page all those years back to encourage a community of sellers to learn from and share their knowledge with each other. It is amazing to witness other sellers stepping forward and guiding Yusri on how to improve his sales and to see Yusri immediately sharing his knowledge on how he goes about utilising Shopee to salvage his loss of income despite his physical challenges. Yusri’s story is an example of how we are making e-commerce accessible to everyone.

Shopee’s Head of Seller Management Zed Li.

He added that Shopee also organizes an average of 50 online classes every month to train sellers on a wide range of helpful topics such as basic online selling techniques, marketing, handling logistics, and even the ins-and-outs of customer service through its free Shopee University seller workshop to enable sellers to optimize their sales on the platform.

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