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Motorcycle Police Cleared The Way For A Woman In Labor To Reach Hospital In Time

Motorcycle Police Cleared The Way For A Woman In Labor To Reach Hospital In Time

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One social media user took to Facebook to give thanks to a couple of policemen for helping to bring new life into this world.

Nor Athirah Adnan shares the tale of how she had to drive her sister, who was in labor, supposedly from Rawang all the way to a hospital in Selayang, to give birth.

Trying to maintain her cool while her bloated passenger struggled with constant contractions, Nor Athirah did her best to speed on the highway and navigate her way through busy traffic with her emergency lights on to signal their urgency.

During their harrowing journey, the driver spotted two motorcycle police officers who appeared to be out on patrol.

Using her quick thinking, Nor Athirah proceeded to speed past the two officers, throttling the car to get the cops attention with the sound coming from her exhaust pipe.

Her attention seeking tactics worked wonders, as upon reaching a traffic light on their route, the two officers curiously came to check out the situation.

It was then that Nor Athirah forwarded the officers attention to her very pregnant sister in the car.

Without a moment’s notice, the two outriders then proceeded to give the duo, or should we say trio, a private escort and cleared their path to the hospital.

Needless to say, everything ended well, and Nor Athirah welcomed the newest member to the family.

In her posting, Nor Athirah thanked the officers profusely as she didn’t get the chance to do it in person. The aunt also appeared to be deeply grateful that she didn’t have to play midwife and deliver her niece/nephew on her own.

It’s awesome to know that everyday Malaysians can still count on the cops for aid when the moment truly counts.

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