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Another car caught tailgating to avoid paying toll; ends up rear-ending vehicle in front

Another car caught tailgating to avoid paying toll; ends up rear-ending vehicle in front

Recently, social media has been abuzz with videos of expensive cars following vehicles in front of them really closely at toll plazas so they can get through the booths before the barrier gate descends and avoid paying the toll fee.

This isn’t a new phenomenon in Malaysia and we’re sure that some of you have definitely heard of people doing this or even did the stunt yourself at toll booths and parking ticket barriers before.

On Monday, another video of a car attempting the stunt went viral on social media. However, this time, the events that occurred were even more shocking!

Here’s what happened:

In the video shared on Twitter, a red Honda Jazz can be seen switching lanes last minute to tailgate a vehicle at a toll plaza.

Picture credit: Facebook

Luckily, the driver of the vehicle noticed the Honda Jazz. Thinking quickly, he stoped his car before going through the gate barrier. The Honda Jazz, not expecting the vehicle to stop, accidentally rear-ends him.

Picture credit: Facebook

In a (presumed) panic, the Honda Jazz dangerously reverses out of the toll booth.

Picture credit: Facebook

However, the Honda Jazz CLEARLY does not learn his lesson and tries to pull off the same stunt again by tailgating another car IN THE NEXT TOLLBOOTH.

Picture credit: Facebook

The Honda Jazz’s second victim was not as smart as his first, and the Honda Jazz manages to get through the barrier gate (as seen in the far left side of the screenshot below).

Picture credit: Facebook

Although the first vehicle tries to block the Honda Jazz from escaping, the Honda Jazz still manages to wriggle through and speeds away.

Picture credit: Facebook

Social media users were understandably annoyed by the driver of the Honda Jazz for blatantly breaking the law and endangering others.

“Hi PDRMsia, the offender’s number plate is crystal clear in the video, please take action”

“Spent so much to buy the car he forgot to buy a brain”

“If his girlfriend is sitting next to him in that car, I hope she knows her boyfriend is trash”

In case you were wondering, unfortunately, tailgating others to avoid paying tolls IS NOT an offence under the Road Transport Act 1987, and so traffic police cannot take any action against offenders.

Instead, it is only covered under highway regulations set by highway concessionaires who could file for the offender to pay a compound, and highlighting the incident to them could encourage them to do so.

“The Honda Jazz has a list of summonses, on top of that he doesn’t even pay toll. Please take action on him.”

HOWEVER, since in this particular case with the Honda Jazz INCLUDED A REAR-END ACCIDENT, such an accident IS AN OFFENCE under the Road Transport Act 1987!

Therefore, the driver of the Honda Jazz better watch out because the police can definitely catch them and charge them!

If you’d like to report similar incidents to JPJ, they shared exactly how road users can do so in a Facebook post:

Watch the video of the incident below!

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