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Can’t get McShaker fries? Try this yummy DIY recipe instead

Can’t get McShaker fries? Try this yummy DIY recipe instead

McShaker fries are BACK!

Mekdi fans all over Malaysia rejoiced when the spicy, peppery
and 100% AMAZING McDonald’s seasoning on fries came back on the menu earlier this

McShaker fries beautifully coated with the spicy powdered seasoning.
(Credit: TRP)

Along with the Spicy McShaker, there were a couple of limited editions to shake up the McD menu like a salted caramel sundae and new fish burger. Check out our honest review HERE.

However, there seems to be a shortage of the McShaker as hungry
fans gobbled into the fries faster than McDonald’s could fry ‘em up.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who craves the elusive
McShaker, wipe your tears (and drool) away because there’s a super yummy
DIY recipe you can try instead!

The brainchild of Facebook user, Rayyan Raaniya, the DIY McShaker recipe requires only 5 ingredients with 4 super easy steps!

What you need:

  1. Fries
  2. Fine Sugar
  3. Seasoning Powder
  4. Chilli Powder
  5. Paper Bag

STEP 1: Fry the fries (or buy if you’re lazy)

STEP 2: Make the spicy seasoning

2 spoons of fine sugar + 1 spoon seasoning powder + 1 spoon chilli powder.
Then, mix it reaaaallll goooood.

FYI, you can adjust the spiciness to your own preference. Feel free to feel the burn!

STEP 3: Put the fries and seasoning in a paper bag


Et voila! You have your very own McShaker fries to go ‘ga ga’ over!

The recipe which was shared on Twitter by @FoodViralMY had over 1,000 likes with eager fans ready to try it out and some giving their own suggestions too.

Translation: “Just use the Mameee curry seasoning instead.”

Translation: “Add a bit of curry powder.”

Check out Rayyan Raaniya’s original recipe below:

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