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Plastic mineral water ban left UIA students thirsty

Plastic mineral water ban left UIA students thirsty

Akmal Hakim

Sometimes going green might not be the most practical option…

Recently the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) or UIA as the cool kids call it, introduced the ‘Zero Single-Use Plastic Campaign’.

(Image Credit: IIUM)

Its aim is to get the community to stop using single-use plastic materials like; straws, cutlery, bottles, the works…

Sounds like a great idea right? Well, apparently not…

It seems like the university’s efforts to save the planet came at the expense of its students’ convenience and well being.

UIA apparently also banned the sale of mineral water (the plastic bottle kind) within campus.


Students and netizens took to social media to voice out their opinions on the ‘plastic mineral water ban’.

“UIA recently stopped the sale of mineral water around campus without providing enough water dispensers. Students are burdened with this brisk move, especially considering its haze season…”

via Twitter

Comments also claimed that the university lacks the amenities, mainly water dispenser machines, to provide students with an adequate supply of fresh, drinkable water.

“IIUM, I know that you’re banning mineral water but please provide more water cooler (machines). It’s hard having to beg around for a kettle to boil water. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cold drink.”

via Twitter

Supposedly, students had previously expressed opposition towards the ban to UIA’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC), but to no immediate effect.


Meanwhile, the SRC’s official Twitter page mentioned that efforts were being made to discuss with management in finding a solution to the dilemma.

In the most recent update (during the time of writing), the ban has been temporarily lifted, allowing students to again purchase and drink bottled mineral water.

“UIAM’s university management committee (UMC) met with the Student Representative Council (SRC) and agreed to a proposal to allow for temporary sale of bottled mineral water…”

via Twitter

(Image Credit: Twitter)

Looks like saving the planet isn’t gonna be THAT easy…

Hope the students at UIA won’t be left thirsty for too long!


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