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Nagoya City Bans Walking on Escalators — Here’s Why

Nagoya City Bans Walking on Escalators — Here’s Why

A recent law in Nagoya City, Japan, now prohibits users from running or walking on escalators, a measure aimed at reducing accidents in the city.

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In public spaces, governments provide various facilities to ease the public’s daily life. However, while using these conveniences, it’s wise to exercise caution, as some can pose risks.

Japan, renowned for its technological advancements in public facilities, surprisingly still grapples with a relatively high accident rate.

Public No Longer Allowed to Walk on Escalators in Nagoya, Japan

Effective from Sunday, 1 October, a new law has been put into effect in Nagoya City, Japan, which prohibits the general public from walking on escalators.

As reported by Japan Today, escalator users are now required to stand still while using them.

Previously, users were instructed to stand on the left side, allowing those in a hurry to pass on the right. However, the new law permits users on both sides to stand quietly without walking or running on escalators.

It’s important to note that non-compliance with this law does not result in penalties or fines.

Why Was This New Regulation Introduced?

This regulation was introduced to change public behaviour and reduce accidents caused by escalator misuse in Nagoya City.

Between 2018 and 2019, the Japan Elevator Association recorded a total of 805 accidents. These incidents resulted from improper and impractical behaviour by escalator users.

Such behaviour included passengers losing their balance while running on escalators and colliding with others, leading to falls.

In response, the Nagoya City government has launched TV campaigns, displayed posters, and erected signs in both Japanese and English at train stations to educate the public about escalator safety.

To further raise awareness locally, city staff will use the right-hand escalator lane with prominent signs behind them to discourage walking on escalators.

Safety Tips for Escalator Users

For frequent users of public facilities, here are some safety tips to keep in mind when riding escalators, whether you’re an adult or accompanied by children:

  • Avoid playing or leaning on the moving steps.
  • Maintain a gap between your footwear and the moving escalator.
  • Pay attention to your clothing as you step onto the escalator to avoid snagging.
  • It’s advisable to support young children rather than allowing them to walk on escalators unaided.
  • Keep your gaze forward and always grip the escalator’s side railings for safety.

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