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[VIDEO] Kid Dances With Frontliners In Covid-19 Center

[VIDEO] Kid Dances With Frontliners In Covid-19 Center

At least our children are well-taken care of at the Covid-19 quarantine center.

Anne Dorall

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A heart-warming video of a small kid being entertained by PPE-clad frontliners have tickled social media, as many netizens fawn over the adorable exchange.

The video was taken at a Covid-19 quarantine center, and shows a cute chubby child cheerily dancing with healthcare personnel as they show him a video on a phone.

The Tweet got plenty of responses from other netizens who noted that there are actually many children in these quarantine centers.

Yes, even children under the age of 12 years old who are Covid-19 positive are required to go to the quarantine centers as well. However, they may be accompanied by their parent or guardian, even if the adult is not Covid-19 positive.

Although the video is heart-warming during a stressful time, it’s still a grim reminder that Covid-19 affects our youth and innocent children as well.

Our children are not safe

Additionally, although vaccinations have recently been approved for teens 12-years-old and above from the original recommendation of 18-years-old, there are plenty of younger children who cannot receive the vaccination yet, putting them at risk of contracting the virus.

In fact, the highest number of children who have been infected with Covid-19 are in the 7-12 year old category, followed by older children aged 13-17. Alarmingly, even babies under the age of 4-years-old have seen a large number of infections.

As of 29 June 2021, the Health Ministry has reported that the total number of infection in children under the age of 18 stands at 116,378.

Highest cases of Covid-19 infections:
Teens aged 13-17: 37,205 (Average of 7,441 cases per age)
Children aged 7-12: 38,206 (Average of 6,368 cases per age)
Young children aged 5-6: 12,055 (Average of 6,028 cases per age)
Babies aged 0-4: 28,912 (Average of 5,782 cases per age)

While it’s comforting to see that our children will be well taken care of even at our Covid-19 quarantine centers, the community must still do our utmost best to ensure the prevention of the virus to the children in the first place.

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