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Why Haven’t I Received My RM50 ePenjana Credit And Other Questions You May Have, Answered

Why Haven’t I Received My RM50 ePenjana Credit And Other Questions You May Have, Answered

We help you claim your RM50 from the government.

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Finally, the promised RM50 ePenjana credits are ready to be claimed. But for all of you people out of the loop, here’s the basic How-To-Get-It guide for you to claim yours.

How to apply

You will need to download the MySejahtera app. Make sure you register with your full name exactly as it appears on your MyKad as the account will need to be verified.

Then, go to your preferred e-wallet. Your choices are either Boost, Grab, or Touch n’ Go. There will be an option to redeem the RM50 ePenjana credit, but again, make sure the name you have on the e-wallet matches your MyKad exactly.

Where is my RM50 credit?

You do not get the RM50 immediately. You will need a wait a few days for the e-wallet to check if you are eligible, if you have registered for the MySejahtera app, or if you have claimed the credits from another e-wallet.

It takes a few days to make sure you are you.
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Be patient, as the e-wallet companies might be receiving a high number of claim submissions.

I didn’t get it!

If you registered for the credit and the application was still unsuccessful, then you might not have met the eligibility requirements or submitted incomplete information.

The RM50 ePenjana credit is only available to Malaysians over 18 years old with an annual income below RM100,000.

I got it!

Congratulations! Now go forth and spend the credit to get the Malaysian economy moving. Do note that you must spend the credit by 30 September 2020 or it will expire.

Time to support your favourite local businesses!
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