We have been warned many times to never EVER drive when sleepy.

Unfortunately, the message seems to be lost no matter how many times it is repeated. This week we learn of the dangers of microsleep when a viral video of an accident was posted on Twitter.

The 45 second video showed a car, who’s driver seemed to be experiencing microsleep, drift across three lanes of the highway before crashing into a lorry.

While the accident was shocking, most shocking of all was how the terrible crash could have been prevented.

With 14.8K retweets at the time of writing, netizens were angered by the fact that the person recording the video did not honk the sleepy driver awake.

Translation: “Did the person recording this disable the honk function? Or purposely waiting to record an accident?”

Translation: “The fact that this person feels that recording a potential accident is more important that preventing it is making my blood boil! Eeeeeee, so stupid!”

Translation: “So disappointed watching this video. The person recording could’ve honked.”

Whenever you come across a driver you suspect is asleep behind the wheel, PLEASE WAKE THEM UP BY HONKING.

Microsleep is a very real and highly dangerous threat to road users. According to Science Daily, brain regions can take short naps while you’re awake, leading to errors.

Periods of microsleep are thought to be the most likely cause of people falling asleep while driving and several studies have shown that it’s as dangerous as driving drunk!

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As a road user, familiarise yourself with the following warning signs of an oncoming microsleep episode:

  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Having trouble keeping your eyes open/constantly blinking.
  • Difficulty focusing on what you’re doing.
  • Yawning.
  • Feeling moody and irritable.
  • Sudden head jerks that make you alert.

You can prevent microsleep by:

1. Interacting with other people.

Talk, engage, ask questions. Keeping your brain active will help you stay alert.

2. Moving your body if possible.

Tap the steering wheel, rotate your shoulders, chew gum. Keep your body moving!

3. Taking breaks

Yes, just stop what you’re doing and take a nap. That way you will keep yourself and other road users safe!

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Stay safe on the road, guys!

Ps: Using your phone while driving is just as dangerous ok!

(Microsleep: Brain regions can take short naps during wakefulness, leading to errors)

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