Hello friends, welcome back to another episode of “Western People Doing Asian Food”!


This time, we meet an interesting interpretation of Malaysian curry thanks to Pringles UK.

Yes, it’s true. Malaysian Red Curry flavoured Pringles are being sold in the UK.

Picture Credit: TRP

Part of their Rice Fusion range, it was released in February this year with Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala and Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce flavours.

Instead of going with the more famous Malaysian buildings, the package features Kek Lok Si temple in Penang.

Picture Credit: TRP

But what does it taste like lah?

Luckily(?), this writer got to try for herself and it tastes like….. *drum roll please*

Maggi Kari powder.

Original Image fromAzie Kitchen

We even got a UK cable friend, to give us their honest feedback.

Oh, freak of National indeed..

It’s actually quite nice, but definitely tastes nothing like a proper Malaysian curry.

Picture Credit: TRP

While us Malaysians were unimpressed, it seems like folks all the way in the British Isles are loving it.

This UK food reviewer even thought it had a Thai essence:

But this tweet basically sums it up nicely:

Oh well, this just goes to show that east or west, Malaysian food is the best!

Original Image via Ajinomoto

This isn’t the only time the Western world has fallen in love with “Malaysian” food though. Check out what Americans thought of Maggi Kari HERE.

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