An Indonesian couple in West Java received a surprise call from a Google representative who congratulated and sent well-wishes to their 6-month-old baby Google.

Well-wishes wasn’t the only thing they sent to the family.


Google had hired a taxi to personally deliver swag to the couple, who live some 1 hour away from Jakarta city centre.

(Pic Credit: Amazon)

Google (yes, just the one name ONLY) was born Nov 30, 2018, but had only gone viral last week when his mother shared his birth certificate on social media.

Google’s birth certificate
(Pic Credit: Asia Wire)

Andi Cahya Saputra and Ella Karina, parents to Google, explained that they were attracted to the meaning of Google (OK not really the mom, it was the dad).

We hope Google becomes a useful person to society

Dad to Kumparan, local Indonesian newspaper.
Baby Google with his parents and elder sister.
(Pic Credit: Kumparan)

Have you seen Google Play (pun intended)? Well here’s a picture of Google playing with his grandma.

Google Play (pun intended)
Pic Credit: Kumparan)

Google Indonesia on Twitter also started a quiz about #bayigoogle.

(Pic Credit: MGAG)

Netizens now have their own plans.

(Screenshot via Facebook)

(Screenshot via Facebook)
(Screenshot via Facebook)

So what do you want to call your unborn child?

(Unik! Bayi di Bekasi Ini Diberi Nama Google)
(Bertemu Bayi Google di Rawalumbu, Bekasi)
(Beri Nama Anaknya Google, Andi Ingin Anaknya Berguna Bagi Banyak Orang)
(Alasan Andi Beri Nama Anaknya Google)

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