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What Would Happen If There’s A Global Internet Outage?

What Would Happen If There’s A Global Internet Outage?

It’s undeniable that the internet network has brought about various advantages and disadvantages, depending on individual usage.

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In today’s world, it has become the norm for individuals to rely on devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, all perpetually connected to the internet.

The commercialization of the internet approximately 33 years ago marked a transformation in societal norms across the globe, introducing a multitude of benefits and challenges, contingent upon individual perspectives.

Yet, have you ever contemplated the repercussions if the worldwide internet network were to abruptly shut down for an extended period during this era of technological progress?

Here, we share insights from a BBC Science Focus study.

One Day Without Internet

After just one day without internet access, major corporations like Facebook and Google would face substantial losses, exceeding £300 million, or RM1.7 billion, in advertising revenue.

Moreover, numerous other businesses would grind to a halt and suffer financial losses, given their reliance on internet connectivity for essential operations, including banking and mobile communication networks.

This scenario underscores the vulnerability of the global economy to even a single day without internet access.

One Week Without Internet

Now, consider the consequences of a one-week internet outage. The perplexities of a single day would pale in comparison.

In this scenario, the modern global power grid would teeter out of balance, leading to widespread power disruptions. The intricacies of the grid’s functioning heavily hinge on internet connectivity.

Furthermore, gas pipelines, extensively used across Europe, would cease operations, given their complete dependence on both energy supply and internet connectivity.


One Month Without Internet

During a one-month internet outage, the challenges escalate. Petrol stations, for instance, rely on electricity, intricately connected to the internet, for fuel pumping and monitoring of fuel levels.

The absence of internet connectivity would also disrupt the fundamental transactions between petrol stations and their customers. Fuel, an essential commodity for transportation, would become scarce, causing supermarkets to struggle with deliveries and stock management.

This precarious situation would inevitably lead to widespread public unrest as people grapple with dire circumstances. Equally concerning is the authorities’ inability to manage such unrest due to their reliance on fuel for essential operations, be it police cars, fire trucks, or military vehicles.

Electric cars would also be rendered inoperative as they rely on the internet for charging at dedicated stations.

One Year Without Internet

In the event of a one-year internet outage, nations would be compelled to revert to antiquated underground telephone networks to re-establish communities.

Basic agriculture would experience a revival in most countries as they strive to fortify dwindling food resources.

However, the most disconcerting aspect lies in the projected death toll. An estimated one billion lives may be claimed by hunger, exposure to the elements, and societal upheaval on a global scale.

In summation, such an extended internet blackout would thrust the global economy back to the levels reminiscent of the 1930s.

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