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Google Maps Helps You Avoid Crowds, Malaysians Love Educational Content On TikTok, & More [TRP Tech Weekly Roundup]

Google Maps Helps You Avoid Crowds, Malaysians Love Educational Content On TikTok, & More [TRP Tech Weekly Roundup]

Top 5 tech stories you should know on TRP Tech for week 46, 2021.

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A lot happened in tech last week. Here are the top 5 stories from TRP Tech for the week of 14 to 20 November, 2021. 

Google Maps Adds New Tools To Avoid Crowds And Enjoy The Holiday Season

If you’re thinking of traveling for the holidays or just going out to enjoy the weekend, you might want to install Google Maps on your smart device. 

This week Google introduces new features to their map app that lets you know if a place is crowded so you can stay safe and plan your day accordingly. 

The Best Browser For Blocking YouTube Ads Now Has A Cryptocurrency Wallet

The best reason to install Brave on your smart device is to watch YouTube on your mobile without the ads. 

Now there’s a reason to install it on your desktop too if you’re into crypto currency. 

Grab Is Still Experiencing Problems After 24 Hours

Parts of Grab were down for two days this week affecting many users throughout Southeast Asia. 

The incident happened only weeks after it’s supposed merger with US-based Altimeter Growth Corp. 

A system upgrade was said to be the cause. 

Zuckerberg’s Meta Gauntlet Lets You Feel Things That Are Not There

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, showcased their prototype haptic glove this week. 

No it’s not a gauntlet Zuckerberg can use to snap privacy out of existence, but it’s something users can wear to feel objects in VR. 

The thing is, the folks at HaptX say that Meta copied their tech to make it.

Malaysians Have Been Turning To The Most Unlikely Source For Educational Content & This Is It

Who would have thought that Malaysians are turning TikTok into an educational platform. 

#TikTokGuru was one of the top ten performing hashtags on the platform for 2020, with over 10,000 videos created and 4.5 billion views in that year alone.

 This story includes a list of folks you should follow if you want to get smart, on TikTok.

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