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How to fix that fiery burn after eating spicy foods

How to fix that fiery burn after eating spicy foods

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McDonald’sMalaysia recently unveiled their monster of a menu addition; the Ayam Goreng Spicy 3x. If you didn’t already love the classic, it now puts you to test to see if you can handle the new spice levels!

While maintaining the original taste and flavour that made us fall in love with the classic, the 3x spiciness has most of us chugging down cartons of milk.

So how do you beat the heat that comes a few hours after you eat?

According to Men’s Health, there’s a reason why spicy food burns us twice. Dr Luigi Basso of Sapienza University of Rome mentions that spice isn’t absorbed by our body because it’s not a nutrient.

Which means that your poop is — yes, you got that right — spicy. Which in turn explains why the burn lingers, since the rectum and anus are lined with the same cells that are in your mouth!

So that begs the question; How does one manage their poop after eating spicy food?

1. Change your diet

You might have to cut back a bit on spicy and fatty foods for a little while.

The excess fat from the food can actually be the cause, according to Dr. Brooks D. Cash of University of South Alabama. The bile salts your body uses to typically digest food can actually be irritating the skin around your anus! 

But if you’re not ready to part ways with your beloved spicy fried chicken yet, fibre supplements could be a quick fix!

Just pop a supplement before or immediately after your meal and you might be able to avoid that after burn.

2. Eat cili padi for 3 weeks continuously

We know, we were a bit shocked too. It is a rather extreme method but if you’re committed to that spice life then it’s time to step up; Momma didn’t raise a quitter! 

Dr. Sutep Gonlachanvit of Chulalongkorn University explained that by dong so, you trigger “rectal hypersensitivity”; aka that burning sensation and the need to run to the toilet often.

However, when it’s done continuously for more than 3 weeks, your body gets desensitised to it — recognising it as just a normal poop. Pretty handy, huh?

Basically, if you want to enjoy your Samyang 2x and Ayam Goreng 3x Spicy, all you have to do is keep going for 3-4 weeks and be free to inhale as much as you want. Feel the burn now, or feel it forever?

3. Deep cleanse your bottom.

Hey, cleansing isn’t just restricted to your face! Although you would not need to apply toner and moisturiser to this area, proper cleaning actually helps soothe the burn and possible itching.

It’s not uncommon as the rectal area has become irritated, so you might want to be careful! If the pain you’re experiencing is too much, soothing creams like Calmoseptine ointments (which has the go-to item for irritants– calamine!) may help with temporary relief. 

And if it still hurts after all the spicy food has taken a grand exit, you might want to see your local doctor. Dr. Steven D. Wexner of Cleveland Clinic Florida pipped that it might be a symptom of more serious problems, such as infections or even cancer. Yikes!

(Article by Leyasheena Panicker.)

So what do you guys think? How deep is your love for spicy food? Let us know which method you think you’d be using, and how that 3 weeks of cili padi goes!

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