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German Tourists Denied Bus Entry, Expresses Frustration with M’sian Public Transport

German Tourists Denied Bus Entry, Expresses Frustration with M’sian Public Transport

The tourists mentioned that not having the TNG card left them unsure of how to return to their accommodation.

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When travelling abroad, many opt for public transport over renting a car to save on costs.

In Malaysia, various public transport options, such as RapidKL buses, LRT, MRT, BRT, and more, are available to facilitate public movement.

To utilise these services, passengers require a Touch ‘N Go card, which needs topping up while awaiting the introduction of open debit, credit, and e-wallet payment facilities on selected services from next year.

German Tourists ‘Kicked Out’ of Bus for Not Having a TNG Card

A situation arose recently where a group of German tourists had to disembark from a RapidKL bus as they did not have a Touch ‘N Go (TNG) card. This incident was shared via a video posted on TikTok (@big_laddo).

In the video, the three tourists were reportedly denied entry onto the bus and were subsequently asked to leave at an uncovered bus stop along the roadside.

It is understood that they had been waiting at the bus stop in the Gombak area of Selangor, intending to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

Source: TikTok @big_laddo

One of the foreign tourists also commented on the condition of the Batu Caves bus stop.

It’s also quite uncomfortable to wait for the bus here so perhaps they could prepare a proper shelter and seats for people to wait here.

German tourist

This situation has left the tourists feeling disappointed, especially considering the time wasted waiting for the bus.

We are tourists from Germany and we waited here for the bus for a long time. Now, we are very frustrated because we can’t get on the bus. There was no information on how to pay for the bus and the bus driver told us that we couldn’t go in so we’re stuck here now.

German tourist

Moreover, they noted that their journey would have been smoother had they been aware of the necessity of obtaining a TNG card.

We didn’t know we needed it (the Touch ‘n Go card), we didn’t know how to get it. It would be better if it’d be made easier.

German tourist

Malaysians were Divided on the German Tourist’s Comments

The incident involving the group of tourists has garnered mixed reactions from netizens. Some suggest that such situations could be avoided with proper research prior to travel.

According to netizens, this is a crucial step for any traveller visiting a new country.

“They can search on the website how to use Malaysia Commuter Services, it all in the website, just search or ask anyone,” commented a netizen.

Additionally, some netizens recommended purchasing the Touch ‘N Go card at convenience stores like 7 Eleven or KK Mart. However, the video owner clarified that it is only available at petrol stations.

As obtaining the card becomes increasingly challenging, some members of the public have raised questions and criticised the situation, emphasising the need for improvement to boost the country’s economy.

Furthermore, others suggested that the Malaysian government should consider implementing a system similar to Singapore’s, offering the option to use credit or debit cards from Visa and Mastercard.

“Why is it not Visa/Mastercard friendly? Went to SG a couple of week ago and I just use my credit cards for public transport. Easy!” remarked a netizen.

Source: TikTok

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