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Parents Express Opposition To Sungai Way Chinese Primary School’s “Palestine Solidarity Week”

Parents Express Opposition To Sungai Way Chinese Primary School’s “Palestine Solidarity Week”

Parents feel that any activities or events perceived as politicised or religious should be carefully evaluated and monitored.

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Sungai Way Chinese Primary School in Petaling Jaya has sparked controversy with its planned “Palestine Solidarity Week.”

Parents and netizens have expressed overwhelming opposition to the school’s decision, threatening to keep their children from attending classes.

A notice circulated on social media from the school’s principal informed parents that the school will be hosting “Palestine Solidarity Week” from 30 October to 3 November.

The event, directed by the Education Ministry, aims to unite teachers and students in supporting the Palestinian people and their beloved country.

Additionally, a short film highlighting the humanistic values of Palestine’s struggle will be screened.

Students interested in making donations are encouraged to bring money to school during Solidarity Week.

Critics are questioning the necessity of fundraising for external causes when Chinese primary schools are already facing financial constraints.

Certain parents have expressed their intention to withhold future donations if the school continues to engage in such activities and fundraising.

Many individuals believe that the school should prioritize addressing local concerns instead of involving itself in international affairs.

Furthermore, there is a widespread hope that the government will prioritize resolving domestic issues within Malaysia.

Officials and Community Leaders Speak Out

Sin Chew quoted Teo Kok Hung, chairman of the Sungai Way Primary School Association, saying that if the school issued the notice, it was by the Education Ministry’s instructions.

However, he refrained from providing further details.

When reached via WhatsApp, Tan Sri Lim Hock San, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the school, stated that he is presently in China and is expected to return to the country on 4 November.

However, he did not provide any further comments regarding the matter.

Petaling District Chinese School Development Committee chairman Lim Keh Kuan expressed his understanding of raising funds to assist victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within schools.

However, he emphasized that children should not be exposed to complex international political situations.

Balancing Support and Complexity in the Palestinian Conflict

Lim further emphasized the importance of promoting peace and providing assistance to those affected by violence, without delving into the historical complexities of the conflict.

He noted that other Chinese primary schools in the area have not organized similar events but would be willing to raise funds to aid those suffering from the conflict.

In conclusion, Lim stressed that children don’t have to comprehend intricate international political matters as it may not benefit their development.

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A video recording at a primary school showcasing teachers donning scarves and masks while holding toy guns, about the Palestinian issue, has gone viral on social media recently.

Many of them were seen carrying the Palestinian flag, portraying themselves as Hamas fighters.

Some teachers even pointed the toy guns towards the gathered students.

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