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Malaysian NGOs Flood Support For Palestinian Resistance Movement Against Israel

Malaysian NGOs Flood Support For Palestinian Resistance Movement Against Israel

As tensions continue to escalate in the region, many are calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and an end to the violence and human rights abuses against Palestinians.

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Malaysian NGOs and institutions have issued a statement expressing their support for the Palestinian resistance movement’s Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, which targets Zionist installations and settlements in occupied Palestine.

The statement notes that the operation responds to the continuous crimes of apartheid and injustice committed by the Zionists against innocent Palestinians.

The NGOs and institutions also highlighted the increasing activities of the Zionists to desecrate the sanctity of Masjid AlAqsa, a holy mosque in Jerusalem that is revered by Muslims worldwide.

“We congratulate the resistance movement for their brave actions and pray that they will be successful in their objectives to liberate their homeland,” the statement reads.

The call for solidarity and support for the Palestinian resistance movement comes amid escalating regional tensions, with reports of violence and human rights abuses against Palestinians.

The situation has prompted international concern, with many calling for a peaceful resolution.

The Malaysian NGOs and institutions are urging Malaysians and the Malaysian government to express their support for the actions of the Palestinian resistance movement to liberate their homeland.

The statement underscores the importance of solidarity with oppressed communities worldwide and calls for ending all forms of injustice and oppression.

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) vice-president Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Shamsudin called on Malaysians to use social media effectively.

He said Malaysians should focus on facts that highlight the brutality of the Israeli regime towards Palestine and why the Israeli occupation must be stopped.

Ahmad Fahmi also emphasizes the importance of avoiding harsh language and insults, as they do not help promote the cause.

Meanwhile, some netizens have asked whether Malaysia can send its military forces to help Palestine.

In 2017, then Malaysian defence minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the Malaysian army was ‘ready’ to play a role in the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

However, it’s important to note that Malaysia has not made any official statements or taken any action related to sending military forces to Palestine.

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