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UKM Takes Down Dress Code Poster After Social Media Outrage

UKM Takes Down Dress Code Poster After Social Media Outrage

Confusion arose over UKM’s dress code guidelines, with some assuming the university prohibits the wearing of sarees and cheongsams.

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Over the weekend, a poster bearing the university’s logo, showing appropriate and unacceptable attire for graduands and visitors attending the convocation event was shared on various social media platforms.

It went viral as many took to criticising the university for seemingly banning saree and cheongsam.

The criticism came about as the university included an image of two women wearing a saree and a cheongsam, respectively, under the category of restricted attire.

This prompted netizens to assume that the university had prohibited these traditional attires from being worn during their convocation ceremony.

Following the criticism, the dress code advisory which was posted on the official UKM Konvo website was taken down.

It was later replaced with a new one that did not include any images.


It all started when a Twitter user questioned the validity of the information that was included in the poster.

UKM is this true? Why are you, a university, practising supremacist policies? Please STOP.

said Twitter user, @annejames44

Other Netizens Thought The Advise Was Designed To Discourage Individuals From Exposing Too Much Skin

While many assumed UKM had issued what they deemed as a “culturally insensitive dress code”, a few individuals believed the guide was meant to prevent attendees from displaying too much skin.

According to them, the guide was to ensure no one turned up in sleeveless attire but to wear a long-sleeved version of a saree, cheongsam, kurti, or hanfu.

Netizens pointed out that this was a formal event that required modest attire.

However, many individuals were upset with the guidelines, saying this was not the multicultural and diversified Malaysia where many of them grew up in

Many individuals were also highly upset that such a statement could possibly be made.

According to them, this is not the multicultural and diversified Malaysia where many of them grew up. And it is unacceptable to attempt to teach the attire of other cultures.

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