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KK Skybridge Leads To Dead End Because Centre Point Sabah Was “Not Part Of the Plan”

KK Skybridge Leads To Dead End Because Centre Point Sabah Was “Not Part Of the Plan”

SAPP Vice President says the owner of the mall is responsible for the gaffe and PH could not deliver.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

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The KK skybridge was meant to connect Asia City, Api-Api commercial centre, Warisan Square, and Oceanus Mall. 

It is equipped with escalators, air conditioners, kiosks and facilities for the disabled. 

But keen eyed Sabahans noticed that one of the paths to the newly completed skybridge in the middle of Kota Kinabalu leads to the side of a mall with no doors. Hilarity ensued.

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Gee Tien Siong, Vice President of the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) explained that the connection to Center Point Sabah was not part of the original plan, reported FMT.

Instead, the mall itself is responsible for completing the connection to the Skybridge. However, construction was delayed because of the MCO, which is why the bridge now seemingly “leads nowhere”.

As of right now, the Skybridge path leading to the dead end has already been blocked off from the public.

 The KK Skybridge is expected to open to the public on 9 September.

The journey to realize this ‘skybridge’ has gone through many twists and turns.

SAPP Vice President Gee Tien Siong

It’s Someone Else’s Fault

He claims that some malicious individuals are spreading rumors to belittle the facility just because the intersection is not finished before pointing a finger at the previous administration for not completing the KK Skybridge.

Even during PH, when the Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, the Federal Minister of Finance, the Chief Minister of Sabah, the Api-Api ADUN cum Deputy Chief Minister all came from the same coalition, they failed to complete the skybridge for public use.

SAPP Vice President Gee Tien Siong

Although we are sure that no one is going to avoid using the KK Skybridge just because one of its paths became famous, we wonder how long will it be left hanging like one of those disappearing-step staircase in the Grand Staircase Tower.

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