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71,806 Muslim Malaysian Couples Divorced In The Past 6 Months

71,806 Muslim Malaysian Couples Divorced In The Past 6 Months

The effect of the pandemic impacts individuals AND families.

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As reported by Kosmo, Malaysia’s shariah courts have seen 71,806 cases of divorce in Muslim couples in just 6 months, from January 2021 to June 2021.

That means a whopping 132 couples a day formally break up and say adios to each other every day.

No money no talk

According to the report, financial difficulties was the top reason couples split up. The pandemic has badly ravaged the rakyat‘s earning power and financial stability, and this effect led to an impact on their personal lives too.

Couples facing financial difficulties must also shoulder the burden of additional stress and emotional turbulence, which likely contributes to tension and resentment within the relationship.

It’s hard to stay calm when there’s no money in the family bank account.
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Kids, separated

However, the surge in divorce is likely to strongly impact children, who have already been impacted by the disruption caused by the pandemic, such as the closure of schools and the lack of face-to-face communication.

The psychological impacts of divorce on children are very well reserached throughout the years, and the kind of instability caused can lead to serious long-term consequences as they mature into adults.

Sometimes, it’s inevitable

However, sometimes divorce can be a peaceful separation, the lesser of two evils than a home in constant conflict.

For Muslim couples who have chosen to end their marriage, there are Islamic guides and help to move on from the divorce.

You don’t need to walk the stressful journey alone.
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However, the ex-husband must also be respectful and provide financial assistance to the ex-wife and children in the form of nafkah edah and nafkah anak.

Ex-spouses can also get free legal counselling from the Legal Aid Department (Jabatan Bantuan Guaman) for a clean separation that avoids additional unneccesary stress.

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