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Baby elephant dies after lorry hit in Terengganu

Baby elephant dies after lorry hit in Terengganu

A 5-year-old female elephant was run over by a lorry carrying iron ore at KM44 Jalan Kuala Berang-Aring, Terengganu, yesterday (Sunday, July 28).

The medium-sized elephant died on the spot when it suffered severe head injuries.

The damage was inflicted when the elephant calf’s head caught under the rear tyre of the heavy-loaded lorry.

Another lorry was needed for the extrication of the elephant’s remains with the help of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN).


The lorry driver, Emyhaizi Ahmad, escaped the accident unscathed.

He claims that the incident happened suddenly at around 10.23pm.

By the time he noticed a herd of elephants crossing the road, he was not able to stop his lorry.

Saya masih terkejut dengan kejadian itu kerana haiwan yang dilanggar bukan ternakan biasa seperti lembu atau kambing tetapi seekor gajah liar.

I’m still shocked by the incident. I didn’t know it was a wild elephant, I thought it was farm animals like cows or sheep.

Emyhaizi via Berita Harian

(Pic Credit: Steemit)

This is not the first time wild animals are being accidentally run over.

There are only around 1,500 elephants left in the forests of Malaysia says WWF last year.

PERHILITAN has released an informational video not too long ago to educate the public;

5 things to do when we encounter wildlife (like elephants on roads)

1. Slow down or stop your vehicle. Give the animal some space.
2. Keep calm!
3. Lower your lights. Do NOT flash light them.
4. Do NOT honk your car! Animals when startled can become violent.
5. It is safer to be IN your vehicle than going out.

(Pic Credit: mnn)

In an article by MNN, it is said that elephants can actually mourn for the loss of their loved ones.

We hope the elephant’s remains were disposed of righteously, as elephants are deemed to be extremely sensitive creatures.

Elephants are also known to weep and laugh. So if you do pass Hulu Terengganu, and hear weeps of elephants; it could possibly be the deceased elephant’s mother mourning the loss of her calf.

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