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Japan Restaurant Forced To Discard 25 Nasi Lemak Sets, Claims Malaysian Tour Agency Cancelled Without Notice

Japan Restaurant Forced To Discard 25 Nasi Lemak Sets, Claims Malaysian Tour Agency Cancelled Without Notice

Sou Tanaka, owner of Malay Asian Cuisine in Tokyo, claimed that a Malaysian tour agency cancelled its booking last minute without informing the restaurant.

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A restaurant owner in Tokyo, Japan recently claimed that a Malaysian tour company cancelled 25 orders of nasi lemak without warning.

The owner of Malay Asian Cuisine, Sou Tanaka, aired his grievances on Facebook and shared his side of the story.

Tanaka said the tour company called the restaurant to confirm whether the place could accommodate 25 people for lunch around 1.30pm.

Tanaka answered in the affirmative. It’s believed both parties had agreed on the price, menu, and time for the tour group to arrive.

However, the tour agent did not answer Tanaka’s call and WhatsApp message when it was near the agreed time.

When no one showed up, Tanaka said they had to throw away all 25 sets of nasi lemak and also lost potential businesses since they had turned away other guests to accommodate the large group.

Tanaka said the tour agency should have called in advance to cancel the booking if they could not make it.

He decided to spread the name of the tour agency to prevent others from falling victims to the same agency.

Netizens were disappointed by the way the Malaysian-based tour agency allegedly behaved and said it could tarnish the reputations of Malaysians abroad.

They urged Tanaka to report the matter to Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

Screenshot of the comments

The tour agency responded

According to Kosmo, the tour agency caught wind of the news after someone informed them and they promptly shared what happened on their end.

Kampungstay Holiday Sdn Bhd (KH) said they contacted the restaurant around 11am to survey if the establishment could accommodate the whole group. They were surveying three potential restaurants to dine in since the group were mostly elderly people.

The tour agency said they did not confirm the booking with Tanaka’s restaurant. They claimed they told Tanaka that they would call the restaurant again if they wanted to confirm the booking.

After comparing three restaurants, KH said they chose to have lunch around Shibuya to keep movements limited and easy for the elderly group.

The tour agent said the phone was not on them because they were busy helping and monitoring the tour group to make sure no one was lost in the city.

When the tour agency found out that Tanaka made a post about them online, they immediately called him to resolve the matter.

We called the restaurant right away after an acquaintance told us a restaurant viralled the tour agency’s name. This is the chronology of the events. We apologise if we made a mistake.

Kampungstay Holiday Sdn Bhd said

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