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Two Share Experience Of Alleged Extortion Incident While Crossing From JB To Singapore

Two Share Experience Of Alleged Extortion Incident While Crossing From JB To Singapore

The police have tried to contact Irene but she has yet to respond.

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Recently a post in a Facebook group, MY SG Road Trip – Your Malaysia Road Trip Guide, caught the attention of many as a woman claimed that she was extorted RM500 by a Johor policeman.

The post has also caught the attention of the authorities and the Johor police have promised to carry out a comprehensive inquiry regarding the matter.

According to Johor Police Chief Commissioner M. Kumar, they have contacted the person who made the allegation, one Irene Teo, about the matter but she has not responded.

“Attempts have been made to contact Teo, but she is yet to respond. We have also recorded statements from the policemen manning traffic during the alleged incident,” he said as reported by NST.

He also added that if the allegations are true then a thorough investigation will be done, saying the police does not tolerate any form of misuse of power and acts of alleged bribery.

Teo alleged in her Facebook post that the incident happened when she was on the way back to Singapore from Johor Bahru.

Teo said her car was in the car lane (EDL) waiting to clear the Immigration checkpoint when several Malaysian policemen opened up the lorry lane on the left, asking her to move to that lane.

She followed another Singapore car and it led them to a deserted road beside the Sultan Iskandar CIO complex. There were only two cars including hers.

Teo said she was asked why she was using the lorry lane route back to Singapore.

A policeman radioed his colleague over and Teo claimed they were asked why they were using an unauthorised lane to return to Singapore.

She replied saying that a policeman opened the lane and asked them to move to the lorry lane. She also said that she did not know that it would lead to unauthorised counters.

Later, she alleged that the policeman was ready to help them get back to the car lane, but in return, he asked for RM600.

“He said otherwise we have to go to the office and lodge a report and we still have to pay the fine at the office and our data will be recorded in the police system which is not good for us,” she alleged.

She replied to the police officer that they were ready to pay the fine in the office but apparently, the officer ignored the request and had one of their passports with him.

She finally paid him RM500 to the police officer and was directed back to the car lane.

Meanwhile, the other vehicle recorded what happened.

Their footage, shot by a Malaysian passenger inside the other Singapore car, emerged after Teo’s post went viral.

Posted by Sage in response to Teo’s Facebook post, their stories appear to tally.

Sage said she was travelling back to Singapore with her boyfriend and his mother at the time.

She claimed that she ended up having to fork out RM100 to get her boyfriend’s licence back.

“If not he’s gonna continue holding on to our license and repeat the same thing ‘behind got a lot of cars I have no choice to give you a ticket, you wanna pay ‘there’?’ He’s just talking nonsense, nothing makes sense,” Sage claimed.

She also uploaded footages of the incident on TikTok at @momochan9321.

@momochan9321 #fyp #malaysiapolice ask us go where? Jom minum kopi? Btw im malaysian just happened to sit on a SG car and this happened. #viral #tiktoksg #wakeupmalaysia ♬ Paris – Else
@momochan9321 This is literally their SOP 💀💀💀😵‍💫👋🏻 #sgmy #malaysiapolice #fyp ♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

However, it deserves a mention that the videos of the incident did not show the alleged extortion attempt or money changing hands. The videos had no original audio as they had been edited with background music.

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