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Unhappy Over Open Burning, Neighbours In Melaka Get Into Fight, Now Viral

Unhappy Over Open Burning, Neighbours In Melaka Get Into Fight, Now Viral

The Baruh Glamping insisted what was shown in Grace Tai’s video was an act of self defense.

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An altercation between neighbours has emerged on Facebook with both parties claiming to have been wronged.

The matter came to light when Grace Tai alleged that an 80-year-old woman was beaten by a man, allegedly the son of the person who owned the premises next door to the senior citizen and Tai.

The senior citizen and Tai reside in a landed house situated next door to The Baruh Glamping in Melaka.

It is understood that the senior citizen is Tai’s grandmother.

Tai claimed there has been an underlying issue between both neighbours for years concerning waste and renovation residues, as well as open burning.

“In addition to the noise generated and all these residues being thrown behind our house, the most intolerable thing is that they handled these garbages simply by open burning behind our house almost every day,” Tai claimed.

She lamented that they negotiated with the owner at the beginning, which later turned into an argument and subsequently they even reported the matter to the Department of Environment.

She said the most they received was that a warning letter had been issued.

“And this is completely ineffective and helpful,” she said.

The matter seemingly escalated over the weekend when the senior citizen was beaten.

In a video shared by Tai, a man had walked up to the senior citizen who was in her compound, and struck her. The man repeatedly hit the senior citizen and she managed to run off. Another female senior citizen then emerged in the video behind the man.

After Tai’s sharing, The Baruh Glamping uploaded their video of a verbal altercation between Tai’s grandmother and several voices off camera.

They claimed that Tai’s video had been cropped without showing the full story.

The Baruh Glamping alleged that Tai’s grandmother had initially hit another senior citizen, a 70-year-old woman who worked at the glamping site.

They said Tai’s grandmother brought a stick as evident in the video they shared.

However, Tai responded to the stick issue in the comment section of her own Facebook post, saying her grandmother would always carry a stick while traversing the bushes in the area. It can be seen that the area has thick bushes and undergrowth.

The Baruh Glamping said this problem between both sides had been going on for years, alleging their neighbour had always complained of the glamping site making a mess.

“We clean up the area around the glamping site to make sure there are no snakes or other animals for the safety of everyone,” they said.

On the issue of throwing away garbage, The Baruh Glamping claimed that the local authorities picked up their domestic waste every day.

The Baruh Glamping insisted what was shown in Tai’s video was an act of self defense.

However, in their post, The Baruh Glamping did not address the allegation of open burning. They also took to limiting the comments on their post on Facebook as well as Instagram.

TRP has contacted The Baruh Glamping for more details.

When asked about the accusation of open burning, The Baruh Glamping told TRP in a Whatsapp reply to refer to the Melaka Department of Environment for details.

“We have communicate with local authority about this issue on accuse us. Hope this clarify (sic),” they said.

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