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[Watch] Policeman’s Heartwarming Birthday Surprise for Inmate Captivates Many

[Watch] Policeman’s Heartwarming Birthday Surprise for Inmate Captivates Many

A police officer surprised one of the inmates to celebrate his 20th birthday by treating him to several boxes of pizza.

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One of the most special moments in a person’s life, celebrated only once a year, is the day they entered this world.

Typically, birthdays are marked by joyous celebrations, with friends and family coming together. Some choose to commemorate the occasion with a vacation, exchanging gifts, or dining at their favourite restaurant.

Police Officer Marks Inmate’s Birthday Behind Bars

A birthday celebration takes on an extra layer of significance when it includes a surprise from an unexpected source.

This very scenario unfolded within the walls of a prison in Indonesia, as depicted in a video posted on TikTok (@makangbaju23).

In the video, a police officer enters a room housing several inmates and engages in conversation with one of the men.

The officer inquires about the man’s age, extends birthday wishes, and arrives bearing multiple pizza boxes and candles.

Touched by the surprise marking his 20th birthday, the young man reportedly shed tears of joy as fellow inmates joined the police officer in singing a birthday song.

Before blowing out the candles, the young man was asked to share a few words, expressing his desire to seek redemption for past transgressions.

In the spirit of celebration, Officer Ferdinand generously distributed additional pizza boxes to fellow inmates in honour of the young man’s special day.

The video has garnered considerable attention, amassing 24.1 million views at the time of writing this article.

Watch the heartwarming video here

Netizens Applaud Compassionate Police Officer’s Surprise 

Within the video’s comment section, most netizens shared their deeply emotional reactions to witnessing the inmate’s response after receiving this unexpected birthday surprise from the police officer.

Furthermore, netizens commended the police officer’s compassion and the positive rapport he maintains with the inmates, along with his thoughtfulness in acknowledging their special occasions. 

Source: TikTok

Even though this celebration may have been modest in scale, it undoubtedly carries profound significance and will remain etched in the inmate’s memory forever.

Kudos to this dedicated police officer who wholeheartedly looks out for the well-being of the inmates. Perhaps, in the future, they may find the path to becoming better individuals.

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