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Check Out These Watches That Celebrate Adventure, Exploration And Innovation

Check Out These Watches That Celebrate Adventure, Exploration And Innovation

Red Army Watches brings watch collectors unique and creative timepieces that celebrate adventure, discovery and innovation from the past, present, and in stories.

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Are you looking for new watches for yourself or to gift to someone? Red Army Watches are introducing new watch models from different brands this July. Some of the brands with new releases are Behrens, Gorilla, and Horizon.


Behrens is a small independent watch brand specializing in the design and development of modified movements. Behrens offers various functional time displays that defy tradition and embrace creativity.

By presenting time in a new and unconventional way, Behrens seeks to redefine the art of timekeeping, providing customers with visually striking and technically advanced timepieces.

Some of the selected Behrens pieces are:

The B011C STARSHIP Series

Front and back of Behrens The Starship in orange. Image: Red Army Watches

The design draws inspiration from the vastness of space and the mysterious depths of the ocean. The dial of the timepiece features a structural mechanism inspired by a space station while powered by a Miyota 9-series automatic movement. The back of the watch features a special engraved metal badge designed by a young art designer of a white dolphin blended with elements from space and sea.

The Starship series comes in white, blue, orange, and red.


Behrens Consteller. Image: Red Army Watches

The Consteller design is inspired by the constellations in the night sky. The dial features a dark blue aventurine adorned with star patterns. Behrens also designed and developed a special mechanical module to display the hours, minutes, and seconds in regulator format alongside with a moon phase and rotating constellation sky.


Behrens Apolar. Image: Red Army Watches

The Apolar design is inspired by the celestial relationship between the Earth and the Moon. Right above the dial, a spherical design representation of the Earth and the Moon creates a stunning three-dimensional visual effect. The dome-shaped globe (Earth) rotates once every 24 hours. The spherical globe representing the Moon on the large metal ring will rotate around the Earth in a 28-day cycle.


Behrens Rotary. Image: Red Army Watches

The Rotary design is inspired by the famous Rotary engine and is a tribute to the legendary Mazda Lemans race winner 787B back in 1990-1991. To simulate the motion of the iconic Rotary engine, Behrens designed and constructed a twin-rotary construction module and the use of triangular rotors.

The Rotary comes in two versions: the Black Dial or the Grey Dial.


Front and back of Gorilla Watches Fastback GT Nomad. Image: Red Army Watches

Gorilla watches are a testament to boldness, innovation, and distinctive design. Founded by Octavio Garcia and Lukas Gopp, two industry veterans known for their passion and expertise, Gorilla watches combine unique materials, striking colours and visionary designs to create wearable works of art.

The Fastback GT Nomad is one of the newest releases this month. The design is inspired by America’s first two-door sports wagon, the Chevrolet Nomad, and the essence of a nomad: a wanderer, a traveller, and an adventurer at heart.

As such, the watch’s ceramic bezel is in a walnut brown colour that resembles the most common version of the automobile. Meanwhile, the baby blue dial resembles the beautiful waves of the Pacific California coastline.


Front and back of Horizon Watches’ The Pilgrim, inspired by Jules Verne’s story. Image: Red Army Watches.

Horizon Watches is a result of a collaboration between Ukrainian watch designer, Fred Bekher, and Singaporean watch entrepreneur, Sugiharto Kusumadi. Established in 2021, Horizon’s designs draw inspiration from legends and adventures of the past with a strong eye for design detail.

Horizon’s latest watch, the Pilgrim, is inspired by one of Jules Verne’s stories. Un Capitaine de Quinze Ans (A Captain at Fifteen) is an adventure that follows the voyages of a whaler named Pilgrim across the Pacific.

The protagonist is a fifteen-year-old boy who is tasked to be the ship’s captain when disaster strikes. As the story unfolds, one can find common life themes such as bravery, suffering, and fights for freedom.

For those familiar with Horizon Watches’ first collection, the Nautilus, you’ll find numbers, a quote, and text in places not immediately visible to the eyes in the Pilgrim watch as well.

The back of the watch is a graphic illustrated by Bekher depicting the Pilgrim ship and a whale.

The Pilgrim watches come in four colours/models: Blue Ocean, Black Ocean, Green Ocean, and Young Captain Edition.

The Behrens, Gorilla, and Horizon watches are available in Red Army Watches branches in 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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