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Introducing An Exciting All-In-One Fitness Lifestyle Concept ‘The GlowHouse KL’

Introducing An Exciting All-In-One Fitness Lifestyle Concept ‘The GlowHouse KL’

The ultimate all-in-one fitness, dining & beauty experience has arrived in the heart of KL.

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The GlowHouse KL – LUMI Beauty, COCODry and Tone Pilates – are delighted to introduce the ultimate all-in-one wellness destination; Pilates, Cafe, and Blowdry bar, now open in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Designed for busy Malaysians who value self-care but struggle to find the time for it, The GlowHouse KL simplifies the experience by offering a one-stop destination for all your wellness needs.

From Pilates to blowouts to enjoy a cup of aromatic brew with friends, complete the lifestyle circle at The GlowHouse KL and get going and glowing today.

From left to right: Founders of The GlowHouse KL Kim May Chee (Cocodry), Tan Boon Yao (Tone Pilates/Babel), and Chryseis Tan (LUMI Cafe & LUMI Beauty).

The Concept

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be challenging, particularly when it comes to finding time for self-care activities. Understanding this, our founders Kim, Boon, and Chryseis aimed to create a space where people could prioritize their physical and mental well-being without sacrificing their busy schedules.

Instead of spending hours travelling between different salons and fitness studios, you can do it all under one roof at The Glowhouse KL. With their combined expertise in fitness, beauty, and food, they curated an urban oasis that caters to the needs of modern city dwellers.

At GlowHouse KL, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. From the cafe to Pilates studio to Blowdry bar, every aspect has been carefully designed with your comfort and wellness in mind. Whether you require a quick blowout, toning session or a bite to eat with friends, The GlowHouse KL has something for everyone.

The GlowHouse KL exteriors.


LUMI Cafe, a lifestyle-themed cafe that serves as a convivial space where our founder, Chryseis Tan gets to share her affinity for good food & the perfect brew with others. The first thing you’ll notice about the LUMI Cafe is that it’s a calming, pastel take on the whole cafe lifestyle.

With a spruced-up truck parked right outside, the LUMI Cafe team has infused the entire experience with a gleaming touch of wellness from its sister company, LUMI Beauty. The incredibly versatile LUMI Cafe will be filled to the brim with a delectable assortment of refreshments – from specially curated scrumptious sandos to pure coffee bliss. Perfect for when you’re on the go or would just like to take time to enjoy your cuppa.

LUMI Cafe & LUMI Beauty in GlowHouse.

Conveniently located across the truck & next to the cafe pickup counter, is the now-ubiquitous LUMI Beauty’s vending machine, with a stellar lineup of all your favourite LUMI Beauty products including everyone’s favourite serum – Vitamin Glow Super Serum.

Decked out in a cherry burst of yellow, the LUMI Cafe is the perfect spot for a mid-day breather or a leisurely afternoon weekend. It’s also a discovery haven where merchandise and skincare products from LUMI Cafe & LUMI Beauty will be at the front and centre for everyone to sample and indulge to their heart’s content.

I’ve always kept an eye out for interesting things I can introduce to my Gleam community. VGSS was the first and now it’s LUMI Cafe – the first of its kind in Malaysia and truly a niche lifestyle experience. I’m so happy that we have created a space that affords busy Malaysians a respite from their daily lives.

Chryseis Tan, founder of LUMI Cafe & LUMI Beauty

For more information about LUMI Cafe, kindly visit


Since establishing itself as the First Blowdry bar in Malaysia to introduce the novel concept focusing on Wash, Blow and Style, it is now impossible to imagine a fun night (or day) out without a quick detour to COCOdry.

Apart from building a steadfast reputation for outstanding customer experience and female empowerment, COCOdry has also embraced bright pops of yellow as part of its identity. Not only does the vibrant hue accentuate the brand’s warm, summery aesthetic, but yellow ultimately represents freshness, happiness, and above all else, positivity.

COCOdry at GlowHouse KL.

COCOdry’s lively presence is reflected in its range of blowout styles and all-natural scalp and hair services. You won’t want to miss their signature TAI TAI life, COCO Scalp Treatment and COCO Cream Bath, which promise to give your hair the rejuvenation it deserves!

Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a well-deserved pick-me-up after your killer Pilates sesh or a quick hairdo or redo before your café lunch date, every session at COCOdry is guaranteed to be a great hair day.

Life can be hectic. As entrepreneurs who are always on-the-go, want it all and trying to fit fitness, beauty and good food into our schedules, it can be exhausting. The GlowHouse KL was created to fill that void – we’re just incredibly thrilled to be the first in Malaysia to do this.

Kim May Chee, founder of COCODry

For more information about COCOdry, kindly visit

Tone Pilates

Tone Pilates is the offshoot of Babel, well-known as Kuala Lumpur’s most innovative and luxurious gym.

Celebrating opulence and wellness, The Babel Group sets a new standard for the fitness industry with its grand vision of extending lives through great experiences.

The introduction of Tone Pilates was to complete the wellness journey – make optimal health and well-being an attainable luxury for all, whilst delivering a lifestyle and a much-loved activity enjoyed by many outside the home in one warm, welcoming space.

A great workout. Fantastic coffee. Gorgeous blowouts.

Tone Pilates at GlowHouse.

Many Pilates devotees believe consistent practice can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. This reflects our belief that a strong, healthy body is essential to achieving overall well-being and a positive outlook on life.

Tone Pilates offers two programs; “Engage”, an introductory level class, designed for beginners, but also for everyone who would like to focus on building strong foundations and emphasis on their postural muscles.

And, Signature Program “Tone”, an intermediate class challenges your strength, control, and stability. It combines progressive fitness methods for one of Malaysia’s most effective toning programs on the Pilates reformer.

Tone Pilates provides group classes and personal training. Their space employs different shades of neutral colours to create an inviting experience and a space that’s as cosy as your home.

The GlowHouse KL is the coming together of 3 amazing brands to meet the needs of the modern-day woman. Time is precious. And we want to help women everywhere to be the best they can be while looking their absolute best. Heck, men too!

Tan Boon Yao, founder of Tone Pilates / The Babel Group

For more information about Tone Pilates, kindly visit

The GlowHouse KL

Address: Unit G-01, Unit 1.1, Platinum Park, 11, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.


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