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Stay Safe Without Breaking The Bank!

Stay Safe Without Breaking The Bank!

Get your Covid-19 self-test kits at the lowest price in the market.

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It’s been over two years since COVID-19 hit the world, but the threat is far from over. And with the holiday season around the corner, imminent gatherings and crowds become a breeding ground for this pesky virus. 

The Health Ministry (KKM) recommends Malaysians to follow the TRIIS method to protect ourselves and to control the spread of the virus. The first step is, of course, to get tested. Self-administered RTK-Ag test kits remain the easiest way for us to do this.

The question is, where to get the cheapest test kit in the market?

We scouted around to find where we could get the cheapest RTK. Below is a comparison of prices from five major retailers in Malaysia:

We found that most retailers are selling COVID-19 RTKs for a price range of RM2.50 to RM6.90.

(Credit: TRP)
(Credit: TRP)

As we scouted around today, we also found that self-test kits are out of stock at quite a number of retailers that we went to. 

But there’s good news. We found the cheapest RTKs at a retailer that always stocks up and promises ‘Always Low Prices’!

MR. DIY sells the cheapest RTKs in the market

At just RM2.30 per unit at MR.DIY and MR.TOY, and RM3.00 per unit at MR.DOLLAR stores in West Malaysia, it’s the lowest priced COVID-19 RTK-Ag in the market. 

In East Malaysia, each RTK is priced at RM1.90 at MR.DIY and MR.TOY, and RM2.20 at MR.DOLLAR stores.

But that’s not all!

There’s a Mix & Match promotion now at MR.DIY Group that gives you even lower prices. 

Purchase 5 nasal or saliva test kits for only RM10 at MR.DIY, MR.TOY and MR.DOLLAR stores in West Malaysia.


The same promotion is available in East Malaysia. Purchase 5 nasal or saliva test kits with the Mix & Match promotion for only RM8.


Stock up while you can!

Let’s take 5 of the cheapest test kits priced at RM3.90 at Store A. You’ll be paying RM19.50, which is RM8 more than 5 regular-priced kits from the MR.DIY Group.

With the 5 for RM10 Mix & Match promotion, you’ll save an extra RM1.50 on top of what is already the cheapest test kit you can find.

There’s also an exclusive online-only promotion when you shop in bulk for these test kits, via MR.DIY’s online store.

Stay safe this holiday season! Head over to your nearest MR.DIY, MR.TOY and MR.DOLLAR outlet to fill your cart with these essential test kits. 

Or, buy in bulk from MR.DIY’s online store – it’s always good to be prepared for emergencies!

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