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This Song Was Written, Recorded, And Produced Within 24 Hours After MCO 3.0 Was Announced
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This Song Was Written, Recorded, And Produced Within 24 Hours After MCO 3.0 Was Announced

“Lockdown Lagi” is a testament to how resilient the creative industry is in Malaysia.

Maya Suraya

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When MCO 3.0 was announced on 28 May, many Malaysians were quick to moan and groan.

However, for four Malaysians it was motivation to channel their creative juices to release “Lockdown Lagi” – a song about the challenges we’ve all, as Malaysians have had to endure during this difficult time. 

Once strangers, now collaborators

All independent artists in their own right, the foursome found each other through Museroom, the brainchild of the Livescape Group providing a one-stop solution for creatives to collaborate on projects. 

Through Museroom, a 24-hour challenge was set and the community voted for the following the artists.

The project, comprising of instrumentalist Kent Lee, Barnabas Kong on guitar, and Thomas Chong on vocals and lyrics, was recorded in each musician’s respective space while Nishen Raven produced and mastered the track.

The song kicks off with an atmospheric layer with Thomas singing “It’s been a good whole year of lockdown / feels like three hundred years have passed by”, then picks up with a funky groove, throwing a bit of Bahasa Melayu into the mix. 

 Take a listen to the track now:

*Video Animation & Edited by: @mirrdusa @chriistee_

“A constant cycle we’re going through”

The pandemic has posed many challenges to everyone in Malaysia with Malaysia’s Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) citing that 93% of Malaysian artists having been negatively impacted by Covid-19.

Everyone should be aware of how resilient the creative industry in Malaysia is. It’s not just the top tier of creatives, but the hidden gems like the “Lockdown Lagi” collaborators. 

-Clarice Chin, project lead at Museroom, to TRP

When asked whether this is a one-off collaboration or whether the musicians will come together again, Clarice replied that there are no confirmed plans yet but there were definitely good vibes among the four so only time (and hopefully not another MCO) will tell. 

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