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Puchong Home Bakery Customers Shocked To Receive Orders Half-Eaten By Delivery Riders

Puchong Home Bakery Customers Shocked To Receive Orders Half-Eaten By Delivery Riders

The business owner just wants to know WHY did they do it.

Anne Dorall

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When Linly sent out cookie orders to her customers on 7 February 2021, she merely regarded it as a job well done. The last thing she expected was for her customers to complain that the orders reached them half-eaten.

Those words from the customer really hit me hard – “is this how you sell your cookies?”, “your service sucks”, “so disappointed”, “I felt cheated by you”, “why my cookies left crumbs only?”.

Linly to TRP

To her horror, the delivery riders from her usual delivery partner had allegedly opened and eaten the cookies meant for her customers.

The order of pineapple tarts reached her customer half-eaten.
(Credit: Linly/Facebook)

Although she immediately compensated a fresh new batch of baked goods to her customers which arrived in good condition, she is heartbroken that her bakery’s reputation has been tarnished by this incident.

It takes effort and years to build my business’s reputation and two people to ruin it in just one hour.


The nightmare delivery

Linly recalled that the two delivery riders appeared to be friends, as they were chatting together when picking up her orders at her gate.

One delivery rider was dispatched to Klang, while the other was dispatched to Kepong. Both orders, she was disappointed to learn, were broken into.

Her other order of butter cookies were also half-eaten.
(Credit: Linly/Facebook)

Although she very quickly explained the situation to her understanding customers, she fears that her bakery’s reputation has been irrepairably damaged.

I hope the delivery service can train their riders better, because of their nasty doings, they tarnished and affected the company and other people’s businesses.


Owning a home-business isn’t easy

Linly began The Baking Room in 2017 with her sister who loves baking. She started small, with orders from just friends and family in the first year.

However, they slowly began to have returning and new customers, and even some corporate orders, which helped their business greatly.

Sometimes even coffee shops, kedai runcit owner and resellers will call us if we’re able supply to them. But usually when they call us, we’re already booked out.

Linly to TRP

It took years, but the bakery grew and earned a very decent reputation.

Although she is grateful that her customers were very understanding and notes that the delivery service reached out to her personally to offer her a refund, she is still shaken by the incident.

Delivery services have become extremely crucial for many home-businesses.
(Credit: Shutterstock)

She lamented that if the riders were hungry, they could have asked and she would have been happy to provide them some cookies free-of-charge as being a delivery rider is not easy. However, they went the unethical route by eating a good handful of cookies from each and every cookie jar from her customer’s order!

She wishes that the two delivery riders could just explain why they did what they did, to provide closure to both her and the delivery company.

I don’t blame the delivery service, their internal staff that handled my case are very helpful and friendly. I just hope that they can find the the two riders, let them come forward and owned up for what they did and would like to know WHY did they do it.


TRP has reached out to the delivery service for additional comments.

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