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“But I’m A Man!” Masjid Negara Apologise After Staff Asks This Guy To Wear A Robe

“But I’m A Man!” Masjid Negara Apologise After Staff Asks This Guy To Wear A Robe

The man was not allowed to enter the mosque as he was not wearing a scarf to cover his head.

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Each place of worship has certain rulers that must be followed. For example, when entering a temple, one has to leave their footwear outside and wash their feet before entering.

The same goes for mosques, where men and women must dress modestly to go inside.

However, recently a man with shoulder-length hair was left confused when a guard at Masjid Negara reprimanded him for not wearing a robe inside the mosque grounds.

The curious clip was shared by TikTok user mooi99 who tried to explain to the female staff that he was, in fact, not a woman, and didn’t need to wear head coverings inside the mosque.

Auntie masjid ni confused ask me tutup rambut (This auntie is confused and asked me to cover my hair)”, wrote mooi99 in the posting which has garnered viral attention online.

Fun fact: According to Islam, Muslim men only need to cover up from their navel to their knees, while Muslim women are typically required to cover more of their body.

But apparently, the auntie in question refused to budge and still requested for the man to put something on to cover his hair and body.

Some netizens deduced that the man’s luscious long hair may have had the staff puzzled about his gender, while many felt that the incident was funny because of the reaction given by the young man who was seen speechless by what had occurred.

Masjid Negara apologises

The incident resulted in Masjid Negara issuing a public apology to the man for the mistake made by their staff.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the mosque’s management noted that they are taking the matter seriously and apologize for the error and confusion made by the guard.

“For information, security guards are appointed by a third party, which is a security company appointed through government procurement,” the statement explains.

They have also reprimanded the female guard to prevent the same incident from happening again in the future.

Fun fact: For mosques that are popular tourist attractions, like the iconic Masjid Putrajaya and Masjid Negara, visitors are typically provided with special robes to wear to meet the mosques’ dress code while they explore to respect the purity of the place of worship.

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