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“You Don’t Have To Be Fair-Skinned To Be An Artist”, Liyana Jasmay Calmly Schools Hater With Iconic Comeback

“You Don’t Have To Be Fair-Skinned To Be An Artist”, Liyana Jasmay Calmly Schools Hater With Iconic Comeback

Not only did she schooled her hater calmly, but she also inspired a lot of women dealing with skin-tone insecurities.

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Do you know that most Malaysians still have this mentality of “the fairer your skin is, the prettier you are?”.

Sad, but true. Many Malaysians still have the mentality that being beautiful is having fair skin.

But it’s hard to change people’s perceptions because they were possibly raised with that narrow-minded mentality.

Local artist Liyana Jasmay (@ljoneandonly) recently posted a video replying to a comment on her food-eating video on TikTok.

In one of her previous videos, she compiled a clip of her barefaced reactions to eating various mouth-watering food with euphoria.


ha makan makan! apa i makan di Anatara Desaru Hotel!

♬ Very cute melody by marimba tone(39813) – Mitsu Sound

But one user thought that her opinions were so important that she had to ask, “Why are you getting darker hah?”. She just had to ask, didn’t she?

Other artists are getting whiter and whiter as they age. But LJ keeps on getting darker, like a kampung person.

TikTok User

Instead of being angry or using harsh words, the 35-year-old actress simply smiled and calmly handled the situation like a classy QUEEN!

I don’t even wanna be fair-skinned

In a video reply to the comment, Liyana said that her skin is actually brown and she didn’t even want to have a whiter skin.

Those people you see that are getting whiter and whiter probably took some cosmetic injections and those come with side effects.

I don’t think anyone needs to be white (fair-skinned) to be an artist. If we are born with fair skin then okay, that’s good. But what if we’re born with Malay-ish yellow to brown skin, so what?

Liyana Jasmay

She also said that she doesn’t care what the person who commented thinks as long as she feels beautiful to the love of her life.

It’s okay, even if I’m dark to you, I’m still beautiful to my husband’s eyes.

Liiayana Jasmay

Check out her full reaction video here.

@ljoneandonly Replying to @azirashiraazira ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

If it were us, we’d be giving this person a bombastic side-eye reaction and could probably ruin our whole mood. But not this classy woman! We salute you Liyana!

Netizens even applauded her natural beauty

In fact, many people admired Liyana for her calmness and positivity. Can you believe that this baby-faced actress is already a mother of two? Exactly!

A lot of her fans supported her and complimented her on her natural beauty.

So, for those who still believe that having dark or tan skin is not beautiful, think again because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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